Instagram plans to launch a new format of sponsored posts published by opinion leaders.


The new format is called "branded content advertising" and is part of a broader strategy for building formal partnerships between brands and popular blogs.

This partnership we observe, leafing the tape of popular bloggers. That Olga Buzova offers teeth whitening with the products of a certain brand, a less well-known, but influential bloggersha offers to try vitamins to improve the condition of hair.

We all saw such posts. In order for the brand to move to Instagram is not enough to fill its tape with good material. You need to find the right people - the ambassadors who will tell your subscriber about the product.

The solution currently offered by Instagram is largely informal.

Instagram wants brands to be able to sponsor the popular Instagram users, and sponsored messages appear with the tag "Paid partnership with the [brand]".

The limitation of these posts is that they are only displayed to the subscribers of the opinion leaders.

Branded content ads will look like other ads in Instagram.

In addition, anyone can apply for joining a new branded content program.

Existing Instagram Affiliate Program is not available to everyone.

Ashley Yuki, Head of Instagram Product Management, reports that these announcements have been tested since last year.

According to Mediakix, in 2019, the market for the promotion of goods and services through Instagram opinion leaders is expected to be $ 2 billion.

Futureinapps is promoting business in Instagram.

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