How to use the countdown sticker in Instagram?


Do you want to start advertising - a temporary share on Instagram, but do not yet know how to do it effectively? Want to know how an Instagram countdown sticker can help you with this?

In this article, you will learn how to set up a countdown sticker on Instagram, and also find four ways to use a sticker for internet marketing.

This feature, along with other Instagram innovations, will help you promote your online business!

What is a countdown sticker on Instagram?

Instagram is known for sharing visual content, photos and videos in it, to showcase a business account brand. But when it comes to event reminders or notifications, most marketers usually turn to Facebook.

New feature in Instagram - countdown sticker now gives you the opportunity to set countdown timers. By combining this with Instagram features such as “Buy Tickets” or other action buttons on your profile, or strategically using your bio link on Instagram, you can better register, sell and distribute.

As soon as your story with a countdown sticker appears on the network, anyone who sees it will be able to subscribe to reminders, information about which pops up in the same place.

When the user clicks on the countdown sticker, a screen opens that allows him to enable notification of the date and time of the end of the promotion. He can choose the “Remind Me” button or share the countdown in his own Instagram Stories.

When someone includes a notification reminder for your countdown sticker, you will see it in your Instagram account. So you can have an idea about who is interested in the shares of your company.

And finally, when the countdown is over, those who subscribe to the reminder will be notified of this.

After the countdown timer expires, if the story is still active, users will see the clock at zero.

Add Instagram countdown sticker to your Instagram history

A countdown sticker is available for most Instagram users. When uploading to Instagram history, click the sticker icon (emoticon square face icon) and select the countdown sticker from the options available to you.

After selecting the countdown sticker, it will appear in the history of your profile with the possibility of editing. You can choose the title, choose the color of the sticker and the end date.

To put a name on a countdown sticker, tap the appropriate field. The title may take two lines of text, approximately 40 characters.

To set the countdown timer, tap the clock field. You will be prompted to select a countdown end date.

To select any particular time of day for any date, click on the "All day" slider. This will open the time selector for your chosen date and allow you to select the exact countdown time. If you change the time, you will notice that the countdown timer is adjusted accordingly and shows how much time is left until the end of the action.

The countdown sticker by default uses blue and purple gradient colors, but Instagram allows you to choose other colors. Click on the rainbow circle at the top of the screen to see alternative color options for the sticker.


4 ways to use countdown sticker for business

Only your imagination limits how and when you can use a countdown sticker. There are countless ways to effectively use this feature for your business.

Here are some examples of how others use this social networking feature for their brands.

Countdown to live broadcast time

If you are broadcasting on Instagram, Facebook or anywhere else, you can use a countdown sticker to let your audience know in advance. And when the timer expires, those who set the reminders will be notified that the broadcast has started.

Launch of webinars and courses

If you have events with a limited registration time, share them in Instagram stories using a countdown sticker. This will encourage subscribers to register before the expiration date.

When promoting webinars and tutorials, use the direct link to register in the site or in the bio. This will increase the likelihood that your audience will register for the event.


Offline events

Not everything is happening on the Internet, and your brand can hold many offline events.

For example, a band may use a countdown sticker to alert their fans about upcoming performances.

If you regularly conduct live broadcasts for your business, most likely, you know about these events a few months earlier. The countdown sticker allows you to advertise events planned for 1 year! You can count down for the same event several times.

Seasonal sales and contests

Competitions and sales tend to expire. You can increase the urgency of these time limits for your audience by using a countdown sticker. When the sale or competition begins, publish a countdown to the end of the event.


Instagram Countdown Sticker can be one of the most valuable Instagram Stories stickers.

But it is good only if it is seen, so it’s in your best interest to bring it to as many people as possible.

As mentioned above, when you turn on notifications for the countdown timer, people can also share it in their stories. You can encourage your audience to do this and share information with your subscribers. This works well for all four types of events.

Are you already using this sticker for your stories?

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