How to make life brighter? New mobile applications continue the triumphal procession!


Walk around St. Petersburg with a pocket guide, learn about street musicians' performances in advance, catch the concert due to the precisely verified route, vote for your favorite artist from the “voice” show - all this became possible thanks to the development of new mobile applications that make our life brighter and more interesting.

Help the world, starting with Novosibirsk

In Novosibirsk, we developed the “Can Help” application that allows you to get help from users in unforeseen situations. For example, you have punctured a tire and there is no one to help it, or urgent towing is needed.

The application can help people with disabilities and the elderly. "Can Help" is available on all mobile devices throughout the country. Now it is 400 people from Novosibirsk. The more users there are in an application, the more efficiently it will help. By the way, you can download and use the application absolutely free.

Stroll without a guide through St. Petersburg

Now it is not necessary to order excursions in St. Petersburg - just download the mobile application "Petersburg 24". The application will tell you about the sights of the city, nearby cafes and places of entertainment. In addition to St. Petersburg in the application you can find information about cities nearby - Pushkin, Pavlov and Peterhof.

Each week comes the announcement of more than 100 events taking place in cities. Information is published in Russian and English.

Shorten bus waiting

In Voronezh, the developers of local public organizations have created an application to track buses. Residents of the city who downloaded the application can track in real time where the right minibus is located in a given second of time. This convenience allows you not to wait long at the stops of your route.

Listen to street musicians ...

Have you ever walked along a street and suddenly become stunned by the sound of a familiar melody, by a beautiful voice singing your favorite song? Street musicians, at times, ask concerts worthy of the big stage! So you want to stand, listen, but you need to hurry somewhere. Oh, if you knew in advance! The solution was found in Belarus, there has been a unique mobile application StreetVoices for 2.5 years already. The application registers street musicians and informs its potential viewers about the time and place of the concert. Anyone can send a “donat” to the favorite of their favorite band or come to the concert and put a money bill in the old fashioned hat.

This application will be especially appreciated by tourists, on whom the creators of StreetVoices are oriented.

Vote for your favorite artist on the show "Voice"

The television show "Voice" has got its mobile application. Want to vote on a par with the jury of the competition? Download the application and vote. The service allows you to do this. In addition to the fact that you can choose the best performer, people vote for the best mentor through the app. For lovers of interactive musical entertainment, the Voice app is a great choice.

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