What is the difference between site developers?


In our blog, we have already touched on this topic, but the repetition is the mother of the teaching.

Sites for business often "sin" with incomplete functionality that could be used to attract customers. The fact is that the owners of these sites, perhaps, would like to improve it, but they can not do it for a number of reasons.

The main reason that the site can not be upgraded is hidden in its CMS - "engine" (further without quotes).

For ease of understanding, we will list the types of sites, depending on the engines.

Sites on designers

Site engines are prescribed by companies that supply them with interface templates and various modules for free and paid.

Platforms such as Tilda, Wix, Weebly, Nethouse, uKit, and others are examples of such sites.

These sites are quite suitable for solutions that do not require extensive functionality, for example, a business card site or single page.

Pros of sites on the designer

The advantages of sites on the designers, undoubtedly, is the convenience in creating and ready-made templates for a number of basic needs of sites. You do not need to download any plug-ins or modules, you do not need to know programming to make yourself a site literally on your knee and immediately launch contextual advertising on it.

Cons of sites on the designer

• Impossibility of implementing functionality for your business.

• Security problems - your site is easy to crack.

• The basic necessary functions are paid, moreover, this is of a periodic nature.

• Design is limited to templates.

• The impossibility of SEO optimization.

Sites on box CMS

Large developers of engines on the site, such as WordPress, Joomla, Opencart, Drupal, Magento and others, offer to download their engines, which developers will then later string modules for functionality that are also downloaded for free or for free.

Pros of sites on box CMS

The main advantage is the ability to download the engine for free. Thanks to this, the cost of creating a site is significantly reduced, because you do not need to write code from scratch. In addition, these types of CMS know a lot of developers, so finding a contractor to create a site is not difficult.

Cons of sites on the boxed CMS

• Among the drawbacks, strangely enough, the abundance of free modules in the network for different tasks, which may not be appropriate for your engine. The developer sets them at random and most likely, can not foresee how the module and the engine will converge.

• SEO-optimization on such sites is possible, but very limited.

• Security problems when deciding to choose an open source engine. In addition, free modules often contain viruses.

• The engines are not adapted to Russian legislation, since they are developed, mainly, abroad. This, in turn, carries certain difficulties, since the offer contract does not provide for the responsibility of the engine developer for failures in the system, disconnection of hosting and blocking.

Sites "manual work" or self-described sites

These sites are created specifically for the customer and his business. The programmer is tasked with programming only the required functionality for the site. The site engine is registered from the ground up and exclusive, as well as the whole site.

Pluses of sites "manual work"

• The necessary functionality is developed to meet your business requirements. Each module is logical and aimed at the comfortable use of the site by customers.

• Security. With the sites of manual work, no cyber attacks are dangerous, and this is the trust of your customers and your reputation.

• Integration of new modules. Thanks to the modular architecture of the site, there is always the opportunity to use new technological advances and refine.

• Exclusivity of the site is an image of the company and an indicator of its status in the market.

Disadvantages of "manual work" sites

The main disadvantage of "manual work" sites is full dependence on the developer, complexity in SEO optimization and lack of technical support.

But, …

• Futureinapps company, having understood the main fears of site customers, has developed its exclusive offer.

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• Sites from Futureinapps already have internal SEO optimization and the ability to continue it quietly with a simple copywriter.

• Technical support is not required, as the site is delivered ready-made without the need for further development, although in the contract we prescribe and this is the case, of course, in favor of the client and his wishes.

By ordering the site from Futureinapps, you get an exclusive site with an original and user-friendly interface, with all the functionality necessary for your business with the ability to upgrade and basic SEO optimization.

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