Google News for SEO: Youtube Videos are Even Easier to Find!


SEO is about search. And not even a specialist realizes this. But does he know that search is not only text, but also video, which can also be ranked thanks to the same SEO approach that we use to promote articles on the Internet. The basis of ranking is a search query from a visitor who wants to find something. This query, a keyword, can be used both in the text of the article and in the title of the video. But this is not enough for the video. Therefore, the new timestamp features for YouTube videos will help to complement the list of keywords by which the video will be ranked. All in order to be found!

Google has updated its structured video reference document with new information on the latest improvements to video search results.

The updated document contains detailed information on how to make timestamps on YouTube videos, how to track performance in the search console, as well as more screenshots to show new types of structured data in action.


Here is a summary of the new information that has been added.

Timestamps for YouTube Videos

Google can display timestamps along with YouTube videos in search results that help search engines navigate directly to a specific part of the video.

There is no actual markup needed to display timestamps. Just add a timestamp to your YouTube video description. Google recommends placing timestamps in chronological order, putting each timestamp on a new line, and associating a timestamp with a specified point in the video.

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Video report in the search console

The Google Search Console has recently been updated with the ability to report video data in search results. The Google structured video reference document now contains information on how to use the report to monitor video performance.

Using a performance report, site owners can see how their videos appear in the Search section. An extended status report can help site owners troubleshoot errors.

Live icon

The LIVE icon may appear in search results during streaming video (live broadcast by Yuotube). The updated Google help document now contains information on how to do this.

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