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YouTube "Video Reach" campaigns allow advertisers to upload multiple videos for a single campaign.

The new proposal cuts campaign costs by more than 20% compared to its previous YouTube campaigns.

On Monday, YouTube launched a new way to launch video ads. Video Reach’s new campaigns allow advertisers to upload three different asset types to a single campaign — six second commercials, in-stream skippable ads, and in-stream skippable ads. Google will use its machine learning technology to determine the most effective combination of ads to maximize reach.

“This will optimize more effective campaigns and free up your time to focus on those priorities that can differentiate your business,” wrote Vishal Sharma, vice president of product management on YouTube, on the Google Ads blog.

Advertisers can upload three video ads to a single campaign, which is purchased based on CPM. Video Reach campaigns are available to all advertisers and are currently run on YouTube’s desktop and mobile platforms, but YouTube vice president Debbie Weinstein said the company is likely to extend these campaigns to Google video partners in the future. Weinstein said the new campaigns "are designed to make video advertising easier."

Why do SMM professionals need to know this?

By allowing advertisers to upload multiple types of videos, YouTube reach campaigns eliminate the need for complex campaigns using a series of ads.

Ford, a brand with early access to the new campaign format, says it has cut campaign spending by more than 20% compared to previous YouTube tests.

“The positive results of the Video Reach campaigns provided not only cost-effectiveness, but also confidence in the use of this tactic,” said Lisa Schauder, Ford's head of media in the United States.

Weinstein said YouTube’s machine learning technology is looking for what consumers are most likely to watch at a given point in time to determine when to display various video ads.

YouTube made an announcement ahead of AdWeek, which kicks off Monday in New York.

Along with this announcement, YouTube announces that it plans to introduce TrueView for YouTube home feed ads in the fourth quarter of this year.

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