SMM. Youtube: how to increase viewing time?


Want to know how to make your YouTube content easier to see? Want to increase your YouTube viewing time?

In this article, you will find three easy ways to increase the amount of time people spend watching your videos on YouTube.

Why does watching time on YouTube matter?

YouTube is one of the most powerful SMM marketing platforms, as well as one of the most crowded. How do you get the visibility of your content and generate interaction?

It is difficult not only to create an organic appearance of YouTube (due to the huge amount of content published every minute), but it is also difficult to understand the algorithm by which the platform selects the video. In the past, when YouTube’s visibility was based on the number of video views, it was all simple. YouTube is currently evaluating video quality by viewing depth.

It makes sense: if several people close the video or switch to another after a few seconds of viewing, it is most likely not interesting. Watching time is difficult to manipulate or fake, because YouTube clearly knows when the same person is watching the video completely, over and over.

So let's summarize: why should video creators care about the viewing time? If YouTube sees a lot of people watching your video completely, this is the strongest signal for high-quality content. You'll also notice that your views on YouTube are growing (mostly from suggested and related videos).

Given the above conclusions, it becomes obvious that viewing time is by far the most important metric for attracting YouTube. So how to improve this figure?

# 1: Create a table of contents (content) under your YouTube video

YouTube allows you to create clickable timestamps in the video description and in the comments. When viewers click the timestamp, it translates them into the desired part of the video. Using this tactic, you can create a beautiful scheme of your video content. This is a great way to get people deeper into the video and get them to watch it.

# 2: Sort YouTube videos into playlists

Playlists allow YouTube to better understand what your video is about and how it relates to other videos. You may have noticed that YouTube now offers themes, allowing you to find new videos on topics you've watched before.

In the mobile app, YouTube offers playlists, often containing new content that you have never viewed before. This content is similar to what you saw before.

YouTube uses a variety of signals to determine whether to suggest your video as a topic or an automatically created playlist, including personal user preferences, text content and hashtags.

Sorting videos into playlists helps YouTube classify it correctly.

Playlists are also ideal for increasing the “Watch Time” because they are designed for perpetual viewing. In other words, playlists increase the level of engagement with your content by giving your audience a collection of videos so that they can sit back and watch it endlessly.

You may want to collaborate with other YouTube creators so that they also add your videos to their playlists.

Keep in mind that playlists are proprietary. They can be ranked in both YouTube search results and Google, especially by brand.

Playlists help speed up the search (especially if you invest well in promoting your brand). In addition, as soon as viewers find your playlist, YouTube will automatically play all the videos one by one, without distracting the viewers by offering other videos.

The creation and marketing of YouTube playlists is important for both the discovery and the increase in viewing time.

# 3: YouTube Premiere

Another great way to improve interaction with any content, including video content, is to correctly calculate the time.

When it comes to marketing on YouTube, we suggest that you schedule YouTube’s premiere for your video and promote it through your social media channels using seasonal hashtags.

Do not forget to do a little research on the topic of video using Google Trends. This tool will help you determine exactly when you need to start preparing and publishing content to get noticed.


Watching YouTube is the most important indicator of your video marketing success. It will take time and effort, but all is doable.

Of course, there are many more (tactical) tricks to get people to watch the first 2 seconds of your YouTube video, but the tips above lay an important foundation that will help you create an engaging video marketing strategy.

We offer you help in creating and promoting video content on Youtube!

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