Filling a site with content: how to prevent readers from disappointing?


Creating a content strategy and a content plan designed to lure a client to a site can fail miserably and fail to produce results if the site content disappoints the visitor. This happens when you only think about selling content.

It was assumed that reading the material would be entertaining. Everything from email to the landing page and the headline met my expectations. I trusted the source, so I continued to read, although the first lines didn't catch me. But the flow of “water” and garbage did not pass, and finally, I realized that the company never thought about me - its reader - when it created the content. His only goal was to attract contact information for lead generation. Now I do not trust this brand or its content, and perhaps I will never believe again.

Why do brands produce content that catches their readers?

Bad content is the biggest threat to content marketing. Because of this, people put up barriers. They do this every time an idea of ​​three sentences is inflated into a 20-page e-book, which they even sell (!), Albeit at a discount, but they sell!

There will be barriers even when, under the “unique course” in social studies, materials from school textbooks with highly intellectual inserts from the “author” of such a masterpiece are rewritten in the book! This video interview is reinforced, micro-sites are published. The obvious is disguised as deep!

Give readers what they need, not what they want

The only way to overcome this barrier - and regain the trust of customers and potential customers - is to give our audience what they need, and not what they think they want.

At first glance it seems that there is a contradiction, but the desire of consumers is often associated with pleasure: “Buy a book and pass an exam for 5”, “Only we know this secret, now you will also find out”, etc. Headings beckon a lazy brain craving pleasure, and it is good if they hide information that will not be banal and well-known, and which will benefit a person, not only sweet promises or obvious knowledge, but for money.

It is not simple. This requires a cross-functional organizational focus on customers, knowledge of the psychology of content. And this requires the production of such content on the pages of the site that is respectable.

The word "unique" does not make your content unique! For uniqueness, unique research, new knowledge, new expert opinions that a person will not find anywhere else except yours are needed!

You can fool a student who wants to buy a book on social studies and pass the exam simply, but later this student will understand that he could read the same thing in a free (!) Textbook, and his trust in the source will drop.

Be honest. Is your content valuable? Most marketers think that if it generates leads, it is. But don't underestimate the value of content to add value to the brand or just help people.

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The challenge for all marketers is to accurately assess what information your audience needs regarding your industry or your brand, and create content that helps them help themselves. Finding content is a serious task, but it’s more important to create your own. Therefore, it is undesirable to use content services, they operate according to a pattern that is boring to readers.

Tip: Do not guess what your audience needs. Ask your existing customers.

Do your readers a favor: make your content trustworthy.

In the end, we add that we, as the creators of Futureinapps content, strive to please our readers and provide the Infovaccina blog with information that will help to successfully promote any business on the Internet. Learn and be successful!

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