Cross-platform mobile application development: what benefits will your business bring in 2019?


The brilliant idea of ​​the application should not come to naught due to the limited budget. Well, it can be said that the development of cross-platform development of mobile applications is aimed precisely at this aspect. Accelerating the development process and reducing costs - these are two basic principles of cross-platform applications. That is why in recent years this concept has become widespread in the corporate sector. The mobile application development company continues to create cross-platform applications due to growing demand.

What is cross-platform? This is the ability of software to work on multiple platforms. For example, there are programs that work on both Windows and Linux. The same thing in the world of mobile applications for Android, iOS, Windows platforms.

Native applications are those that were created specifically for one operating system.

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Startups, small and medium enterprises consider cross-platform applications to be a blessed technology for communicating with many people "sitting" on different platforms. Shorter TTM (time to market) and lower development costs are two reasons that contribute to the spread of cross-platform applications around the world. However, the development process also has some drawbacks.

Problems in the process of developing cross-platform applications

A few years ago, the use of cross-platform applications was limited to the creation of simple mobile applications and games. But advanced technologies have made cross-platform development more powerful, scalable, and more flexible than before.

However, cross-platform development still faces challenges such as

Performance issues

Cross-platform mobile apps create performance issues. Sometimes such applications have integration problems with specific operating systems. The inconsistent communication between native and non-native device components is the main cause of performance degradation. So cross-platform applications can lag behind their native counterparts.

Limited tools

Every year, the Android and iOS platforms release updated versions with advanced features and functionality. Although technology is flourishing, cross-platform developers find it difficult to maintain application compatibility with limited tools.

Ux challenges

Let's face it. Native applications are popular due to the rich user experience, good work and an attractive interface. Now cross-platform applications can also have an elegant interface, but sometimes they do not meet the user's expectations. Low speeds and performance-related disruptions can ruin a user's experience.

Security issues

Today, security problems in mobile applications are becoming increasingly significant due to the growing number of cyber attacks. Being an easy target, the mobile app remains very vulnerable all the time. The Android and iOS platforms continue to patch the loopholes in application development with each updated version, but cross-platform application development tools are still not very developed and flexible to solve application security problems. If your business application deals with a large amount of corporate data and user data, then the development of native mobile applications is preferable to cross-platform applications.

However, cross-platform application development companies strive to solve these problems, as application developers use more advanced platforms and advanced tools. But it is still fair to say that additional efforts are needed to more effectively address these problems.

Benefits of cross-platform application development

If you think that cross-platform applications have many disadvantages, you should also learn about the benefits of cross-platform mobile application development services.

Low maintenance

Single code makes it easy to customize and maintain your application. Moreover, there is no need to temporarily suspend the operation when performing regular maintenance of your cross-platform application. Simple and quick maintenance can reduce the cost.

Reduced development cost

Development of cross-platform applications is based on the concept of “write once, use everywhere”. Reusable codes and rapid application development with tools can significantly reduce development costs. If you want to promote your business on multiple platforms and devices in a cost-effective way, there is no alternative to cross-platform applications.

Reusable code

When you hire mobile application developers to create a cross-platform application, they can simply use reusable code. This helps them get rid of writing unique code for various platforms, thereby saving them time and effort.

Accelerated development process

This is another great advantage of cross-platform applications. Thanks to a single source code for various platforms, development efforts can be reduced by 50-80%. It helps you get a rich business application in less time. The development team can readily meet the deadlines for developing cross-platform applications.

Simple cloud integration

A single source code also makes it easy to integrate a cross-platform application with a cloud platform. Enterprise-level plugins are available to integrate your business applications with the cloud, making them universally compatible.

Native appearance

Well, the main goal of cross-platform technology is to create native applications. Nowadays, thanks to the introduction of advanced tools and functionality, developers can create cross-platform applications that will look like native applications. It can be expected that in the near future such a difference between cross-platform and native applications will become blurred.

Simply put, if you are looking for a solution for an application that can save you time and effort, then cross-platform application development can be your choice.



And in conclusion…

Today, business is facing a huge competition - entrepreneurs are guided by a huge audience, which consists of smartphone users. Cross-platform application is a cost-effective solution.

Cross-platform application development tools are constantly evolving, and developers can easily create enterprise-level applications.

As a reliable mobile application development company, we deliver multifunctional cross-platform solutions for the global corporate clientele. Our applications can give end users a natural experience and work seamlessly across platforms.

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