What gives the business its own mobile application?

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We no longer wonder what gives the business the availability of the site, but we continue to think about the decision to create a mobile application.

Long ago, at the dawn of the Internet, sites were thought of as bliss. But businessmen who think in the future, used this Internet resource and pre-occupied niches, of which at present others only dream.

The same thing is happening now with mobile applications for business - they are just starting to come into use and those who finally decide to create an application now, can catch the bird entrepreneurial happiness behind the tail.

So what does the mobile application give to business?

First, it should be noted that in business two types of mobile applications are used.

1. Application for internal use

That is, the application that communicates employees of the company is a CRM system, which includes control of tasks execution, automated processes, etc.

The advantages of using such an application are obvious:

  • Automation of processes occurring within the company, which increases the mobility and time of tasks;
  • Constant communication between employees, which allows you to react quickly to any situation in the company;
  • Control of the fulfillment of tasks by managers of all levels, up to the owner of business
  • Organization of internal logistics, which is important for large companies.

2. Customer application

This application, as a rule, is intended for sales or, in the case of a content resource for advertising (which, in general, is the same thing).

Pros for this application is very much, we list only a few of them, but the most important:

  • Increase in sales

Yes, the increase in sales is due to those features of the mobile application, which the site does not have. First, the mobile application is downloaded once and remains permanently on the phone, constantly reminding itself with push notifications. Secondly, it is much easier for a user to subsequently enter a mobile application than to search the site for a service or product in the search engine again. For example, if one day the user installed an application for a meal order, then it is unlikely that he will get Google or Yandex to re-search for food delivery.

  • Competitiveness

Your company with the emergence of mobile applications is becoming competitive. Why, because nowadays, as it was said before, the market of mobile applications is just beginning to gain momentum, and the estimated volume is simply huge! Imagine that every second smartphone owner has installed applications, several of them and he uses them regularly!

  • Loyalty to the target audience

Good mobile applications will always be "sharpened" by loyalty programs that help the customer make purchases many times. About loyalty programs you can talk a lot. Let's just say that thanks to them you can significantly expand your customer base and move customers to the category of permanent.

  • Gathering the target audience

A mobile application is, in fact, a program for parsing (collecting) a client audience, which does not require further filtering from non-targeted ones. Download the application mainly those people who really need it, which means that this is your target audience.

  • Close interaction with your client

Why do you need to interact with the client? In today's world of consumption, it's not enough just to set the product and wait for customers to reach out to buy it. The seller himself comes to the client and communicates with him on an equal footing. This is not just a sale, it is communication with a mutually beneficial exchange (goods for money). Mobile applications in this sense are an ideal communication tool. With the help of the same push notifications, the customer receives the necessary information on the product category of interest, learns about promotions and discounts. Using the form of communication with the manager in the application, he can pay attention to usability, form the agenda for client requests, etc. The main thing is not to overdo it with notifications, as they can bother the user.

  • Mobility and Automation

This plus should have been the first, because this is the main feature of the mobile application - mobility!

Any processes are accelerated due to the correct operation of the application 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The more automation in the application - the less the human factor in business processes, which positively affects the profitability of the business.


The statistics of the use of mobile applications tells us that the market is growing with geometric progression, today thousands of mobile applications that will be on phones for a long time are downloaded right now. Only in RuNet 30% of sites are viewed from mobile phones. The issue of moving from a web device to a mobile device is a matter of time, a time ahead.

For those who still doubt - write. We'll tell you more and describe all the possible "chips" of the mobile application, which are suitable for your business. I want a mobile app!

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