Black Friday at PPC. Get ready for the holidays in advance


Stay calm this holiday weekend. The holiday shopping season has begun, here are a few points to help you succeed in paid search campaigns throughout the season - even if you are B2B or don't expect holiday holidays.

Double check this paid search tactic

Expansion of holiday promotions. You can add holiday-based advertising extensions to your Google ad campaigns. They can be added at the account, campaign or ad group level and are available for

For Russia, such extensions as:

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday through December 15th.

Christmas until January 15th.

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Let's start with the basics: the essence of PPC (contextual advertising)

Festive audience in the market. Google has a Seasonal Shopping audience for the Black Friday market, which includes "People who will shop on Thanksgiving in the USA (including Cyber ​​Monday)" and "Christmas shopping", which includes "People who will shop Christmas presents".

Microsoft's festive market audience is currently limited to Valentine's Day, but you can find a different market audience related to your brand.

Countdown. Add a sense of urgency to your text ads with a countdown to let customers know when deals and promotions are ending. Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads support countdown customizers.

Automatic bid reminder. Remember that automatic bid strategies require periods of machine learning, so it’s best not to make changes that bring campaigns back to the training phase.

Exception retargeting. Now is the time to double-check that your retargeting campaigns are set up to exclude the wrong audience or to bombard those who just bought a product or service from you with the same advertising with great offers.

Real-time holiday management

For those of you who run campaigns from time to time, a little preparatory work can eliminate the need to remain fixated on your accounts. A successful holiday campaign really comes down to effective analysis, effective optimization and clear communication.

Alerts and dashboards. Set rules or scripts in your ad accounts.

Request Monitoring. Track search query reports for queries from closed options and set thresholds if some of these queries work inefficiently but spend a lot of money.

Monitoring. Watch for unexpected jumps in traffic and cost per click, or look for a sharp increase in the share of impressions, which may indicate that the competitor has become much more aggressive. Now that the average position is no longer available on Google, impression share monitoring has become more important.

Communication. Make sure your team and stakeholders have access to the campaign / promotion schedule, budget plans, and KPIs before the long weekend.

Don't Blow Up Your B2B Budget

While some B2B businesses are participating in Black Friday promotions with discounts, many are gearing up to cut costs as their customers take a break from shopping on these holidays.

Therefore, budgeting is especially important if your B2B campaigns have matching keywords with customer requests that increase over this season.

In the B2B world, Black Friday / Cyber ​​Monday (BFCM) does not increase traffic and sales, as is the case with e-commerce advertisers.

For most B2B advertisers, the opposite is true: they need to worry about the reduction in traffic associated with the holidays, which affects the ability to spend allocated budgets. For example, before the holidays, traffic decreases, and then increases sharply. It’s better to save on November and pour more into the sales season.

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