Analyzing competitors and audience is a challenge for two!


SEO team and content managers can help each other in creating a clickable and selling website. In the last article we touched on this topic. And in this we will tell how two teams can deal with competitors and pinpoint the target audience.

Competitor Analysis for Content Creation

SEO specialists can analyze the content of competitors in order to understand which pages are most effective and attract visitors to themselves.

Using tools, SEO specialists can identify the pages of competitors with the most organic traffic, as well as pages with top links on competitors' sites. This information is important for the content team. These are topics that interest your audience, and if you do not have similar pages, you need to create them (and improve what competitors do).

Having identified the main posts of a competitor, your SEO team can also get the following important information about a competitor:

• Optimum formats for content (video, graphics, etc.).

• As a competitor goes to the search results (snippets, etc.).

• Ideal content length and structure.

• Potential audience communication.

• Potential promotional opportunities.

• Alternative and related keyword ideas.

This information gives your content team the ability to create pages that provide the visibility of your site and can potentially attract audience attention to your resource.

Analyzing the audience for content creation

The SEO team can identify audiences and help content creators.

Keyword search optimization provides valuable information that can help the content team prioritize topics. This study will reveal the true potential associated with choosing the best keywords and topics for content, depending on the search volume, the level of competition and, most importantly, the search engine intent.

Understanding intentions is crucial to creating a complete marketing funnel for your site. You need to create content for each stage of the funnel and a related intent for each of these stages.

Please note that in many niches, commercial pages are often one of the most competitive and less effective in organic search, especially when it comes to e-commerce sites.

Providing a variety of valuable content on your website that focuses on different parts of your marketing funnel and is keyword oriented is essential for SEO success. The best features are usually a combination:

• Low competition

• Large search volume.

Creating these pages is an integral part of building a complete content marketing strategy.

Your content creation team can always benefit from the search results, see what is in the ranking, and determine why.

Competitor and audience research are an integral part of creating strategic content for search, and by combining SEO and content, you can create pages that can be competitive in search results.

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