Content Marketing and SEO - Unite!


How to get content managers and SEO specialists to work together throughout the promotion process so that the site goes to the first positions of organic search.

Getting the benefits of organic search seems so simple. You just need to create good content and provide good links - that's all!

Of course, in practice this process is much more complicated. What is “good content”? What are “good links”?

But let's focus on the process.

To succeed in your search, you need to integrate workflows and create a framework for collaboration.

Workflow Integration

Creating a framework for collaboration is the first step to aligning content and SEO. If you have two separate departments for content and SEO, you need to integrate their work processes.

Joint meetings are a simple but effective way to collaborate. You do not need long-term, large-scale brainstorming sessions, but weekly or monthly communication between two departments can work wonders.

Another way to encourage collaboration is to agree on key performance indicators for both departments. Each team wants to succeed and demonstrate its value, therefore, sharing a common goal and making both teams equally responsible for success in organic search, you unite them. One cannot succeed without the other.

Coordination between content and SEO teams should begin well before any content is developed.

Content teams need creative freedom - they are experts and creatives, but the SEO team can help them make better decisions. Most of the key search and niche search engines can help content marketing become more strategic and be able to use search.

If you want to get organic traffic, you do not need any content, but the right content, and your SEO team can help.

SEO teams can influence content strategy in two main ways - competitor analysis and audience analysis through a search lens.

But we will discuss this in our next article!

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