2019: SEO, like a poker game!


2019 will be a hard time for ranking keywords and SEO professionals will feel their hearts shrink every time Google changes the results of a traditional search engine.

Google already promotes the so-called “zero search” results, often providing answers without having to click on more detailed information.

“Zero search” is a serious task for marketers. According to Jumpshot, 61.5% of Google’s mobile searches do not require clicks (34.3% when searching on a computer).

In addition, voice search will have an impact, especially with intelligent products like Google Home and Amazon Echo.

If your natural traffic from search engines was badly damaged last year, expect more if you don’t take steps.

1. Learn to regard SEO as a giant poker game

Imagine a virtual table with thousands of people playing at the same time.

In this game, instead of collecting winnings from your fellow players, you are looking for awards from Google. He laughs at what you hold in your hands (keywords), or rewards you with top positions in the search results.

When you choose another key phrase, you get a new set of cards. Unlike real poker, this choice is not random. You will receive cards based on what you bring to the table.

What are your SEO strengths to get the cards you need?

Instead of listing all the ranking factors, here are some of them that should influence your future strategy.

Content and size of the site

Websites with multiple pages (for example, 10 or 20) will not be rated as well as websites with hundreds or thousands of pages that signal to search engines that they are serious players. A large number of pages makes it easier for websites to use the maximum number of key topics, attracting backlinks and adding additional pages to search for desired key phrases.

Domain name

Online marketers are still discussing its value for your ranking. Let's say one thing - if your domain contains a part of a key phrase, you have an advantage.

SEO basics

You can not afford to have problems with the basic structure of the site. Are all your materials indexed? How about the following:

• Content headers. Do you use H1 tags with text?

• SEO Page Headers: Can you customize them for each page?

• URLs of pages. Can you make them short and use a dash to separate words?

Low Frequency Key Phrases

A business can “catch” a good rating due to the use of low-frequency phrases - those that are not often searched for. They can provide good sales prospects to help organic produce afterwards. But they need more pages.

Sometimes it is useful to branch out and look for related key phrases (LSI) that are relevant, but not so competitive.

2. Creating and modifying content for SEO

Not all content will be relevant to SEO. You still produce videos, infographics, official documents, and blog posts to strengthen your industry status while maintaining social networks, email, and other marketing tools.

However, if you rely on SEO to drive traffic, you need even more content. You can say: “Isn't quality more important?” Of course quality is important. But do not reduce the content that could be used for SEO.

It is best to adapt the new content to keywords that can be ranked. Well, if you can insert your key phrase into the page title, then fine!

Remember that SEO is a poker game, and it all depends on what gives you the edge. Look at your keywords and see how many are on the first page of Google. What is the average search volume? You will feel your favorite place - it is determined by the top of the ranking and the search volume.

Be aggressive in your SEO strategy! Use high-frequency phrases and beat them in your content!

But do not forget, keywords with low search volume should not be missed anyway. Taken together, these search queries can attract relevant traffic and potential customers. Think about what you sell, about profits, and about the lifetime value of

new customers.

3. Backlinks

Google identified backlinks as the primary reference factor. Studies show a strong correlation between backlinks and rating.

Here are some quick link building ideas:

• Build relationships with powerful people.

• Explore your team members own connections.

• Use PR strategies and tactics to connect with well-known media.

• Become a member of more social networking groups that are even weakly related to what you sell.

• Launch a series of surveys or industry studies.


4. Take care of the details

In 2019, there is no reason to neglect the small elements that affect search engine rankings. Although they can never be compared with the influence of content, content headers and backlinks, but nevertheless ...


• Page loading speed

• Image file names and alternate text

• Internal links

• Mobility

• Structured Markup

• Involving users based on quality content and exceptional design.

Many indicators may be interesting for Google, for example, how much time people spend on your site compared to other sites, and whether users quickly leave your site and return to Google.

If you want to beat Google, you have to change your mindset. This is not about understanding Google, but about understanding users.

And remember that the company Futureinapps is engaged in integrated SEO website promotion and mobile applications.

So, what cards did you earn for the next poker game?

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