SMM. Twitter introduces new feature


The new feature of Twitter, which allows users to hide the answers to their tweets, should appear in June of this year.

Twitter was seen working on this feature back in February. A Twitter spokesman later confirmed that this update will soon be publicly announced.

A message posted by the company this week says that the Hide Tweets feature will be available in June:

"Starting in June, we will experiment with ways that allow people to better control their conversations, giving them the opportunity to hide the answers to their tweets."

As they say in the ad, at first it will be an experiment. Thus, it may not be the latest update, and it may be partially or completely changed, depending on how users react.

At the moment, Twitter wants to give users some privacy. Agree to hide the answer, which is too personal to be displayed or too negative, so that the chain of answers would be “healthy” is a great opportunity. And the advantage of this is that this feature is different from the lock and mute function.

However, the fact of “hiding” will be clearly indicated, and other users will even have the opportunity to open a tweet manually.

The announcement of this feature was not without controversy: some users claim that this is a form of censorship, while others say that it can help keep the trolls at bay.

For SMM, this function can be both a limitation and an incentive to write native texts that users will not accept as advertising or hide.

It should be noted that hiding tweets is a softer measure than removing them directly, as is done, for example, on Facebook and Instagram.

How accustomed new feature? Time will tell!

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