Yesterday businesswomen have heard about the blockchain technology!

The founder of the IT company Futureinapps, the Futurein International Holding and the founder of the Telem blockchain Telem, Ayrat Galiullin, introduced the most successful women of the Republic of Tatarstan to the basic concepts of blockchain technology.

The theme of the 5th forum of business women of the Republic of Tajikistan in Kazan is “Go to IT”. Blockchain technology is advanced in IT and its discovery, like the creation of the Internet, turned the next page of the IT era!

Airat Galiullin was one of the first in Russia to start using blockchain technology in practice. The news of the blockchain-based Messenger Telem, thundered in all federal and regional media in April of this year.

At the forum, Airat Galiullin, explained the basic concepts of blockchain technology using a simple example of the work of Google documents, which are used by almost all participants of this forum. The businesswomen of the forum thanked the speaker for the explanation that was so simple and clear to everyone.