Where is the best advertised?


Advertising - always accompanies any business that requires a clear understanding of their advertising sites.

Advertising annoys our target audience. This applies to television advertising, and advertising on the radio or YouTube channel. However, there is a certain type of advertising, to which the audience has loyalty - advertising on search or contextual advertising.

Indeed, everyone is already accustomed to seeing ad units on the first page of Yandex or Google. Some users, searching for something on the Internet, decide to click on the ad unit, because they understand that the company's goal is sales, which means there are guarantees that there will be good service and interesting promotions. It is no secret that during the advertising campaigns the seller voices the best offers in order to stand out from the competition and earn the loyalty of future customers. Now it has become understood even the most unassuming buyers of goods on the Internet.

What does the statistics say?

Studies conducted by Deloitte have shown that over the past 2 years, advertising loyalty has increased by 26% and especially people have become more concerned with digital advertising.

If we consider what digital advertising is represented on the Internet, we note that the e-mail newsletter, pop-up windows and banners still annoy users, but this does not apply to contextual advertising.

The same study showed that sellers of cosmetics, electronics, clothing and perfumery have the greatest effect on contextual advertising.

But this does not mean that if you are promoting a wholesale store of children's toys or a fitness room, then advertising in search networks will not work for you. Before you decide which channel to choose, you need to test all channels. If you stop on contextual advertising, the Futureinapps specialists will professionally configure it for you!

Does ad blocking concern contextual advertising?

When choosing a channel, it is also necessary to take into account the fact that users like to block ads using special services - adblockers.

The same Deloitte found out that 36% of respondents use laptops on laptops and 17% on mobile devices.

This should be taken into account when setting up contextual advertising in the affiliate network where banners with your ad are placed.

Contextual advertising on the search is not blocked by edblockers, moreover, the browser remembers the search for the client and enters the phrase into statistics, which is then used to target the target audience in setting up advertising in the Yandex or Google partner network.

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