When you want here and now! How to check Google advertising campaign in real time?


Real-time report in Google Analytics allows you to track website activity as it is actually displayed on your computer or in a smartphone application. The report is constantly updated, and site activity is reported just a few seconds after it appears. This real-time data provides digital marketers with unique and valuable information.

There are many ways to use reports in real time, for example, to assess the effectiveness of your mobile application by tracking events and monitoring one-day promotions on your site. Today we want to recommend marketers to use a real-time Google report for three specific things:

1. To quickly monitor results for short-term campaigns or promotions.

2. To track immediate interaction with recently published content.

3. To test and validate Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager implementation.


Each report is described below with suggestions on how marketers should use them to analyze website data in real time and improve marketing results.


Real time review

As the name suggests, the “Overview” section provides a summary of what is currently happening on your website. The overview shows the total number of active users, device types and active pages. The report also contains a snapshot of user locations and top sources.

TIP: Use the Overview report to quickly see how campaigns just launched and content just published affect website activity.


Real Time Location Report

Real-Time Locations shows a map and a list of countries where your active users are currently located. You can dig deeper and find out from which regions and cities your visitors, as well as how many of your web pages were viewed from each location in 30-minute increments.

TIP: Use this report when launching geo-targeted campaigns. You can immediately see the response and engagement indicators in specific places and, if necessary, change the targeting to quickly improve results.


Real Time Traffic Sources Report

Use this report to keep track of which sources and media are responsible for delivering the people who are currently on your site. This allows you to evaluate short-term campaigns and monitor how traffic flows through various marketing channels.

TIP: After launching an advertising campaign or social promotion, this can be a great way to quickly verify that traffic actually comes from the expected channels. And if not, reconfigure your campaign.



Real Time Content Report

If you want to know how your web pages looked "in the last 30 minutes," you will be informed about this content report. This real-time report shows the pages on which users are currently located, and includes the page URL, page title, and the percentage of active users on each page.

TIP: This report is especially useful for blogs and informational websites, as marketers can monitor content activity and effectiveness. It is also useful to understand the flow of users and see how visitors move between pages on your site. The content report will tell you if a particular piece of content suddenly gets a lot of attention, possibly due to the timely coverage of a problem or a current event.


Real Time Event Report

A real-time event report provides data on the active participation of users, such as pressing a button, downloading or watching a video. This report allows marketers to immediately see if users will interact with your site as expected, as well as test automatic implementation of events. This real-time report contains information about the event category and event action.

TIP: Immediately after launching a campaign, check this report to make sure that users find your call to action on the landing page. Any action? Have a conversion? Knowing and understanding this will allow you to quickly improve and increase your ROI.


Real Time Transformations

In this report, you can track what actions are performed by users who are currently active on your site. The report contains data on the name of the goal, the number of completed tasks and the percentage of active users for each goal. The total conversion activity by goal is available, as well as the number of conversions in the last 30 minutes by goal.


TIP: This report is great for testing conversion goal configurations, as well as for checking that the campaigns just launched are actually converting.


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