What is common between CEO promotion and pickup?

Do you know what a pickup is? No, now it is not about the American car! And not even about dating on the street, although ... dating, we also consider. It's about the CEO of a pickup!

SEO pick-up is a relatively new phenomenon that may have come across people who have no idea about SEO optimization and promotion.

Imagine, a handsome young man approaches you on the street in case you are a girl, or a beautiful woman in case you are a man. They offer you to participate in a mini survey to test the new site.

Sometimes it’s not at all difficult to open your phone and find the site you are looking for, especially if you are standing at a bus stop and just waiting.

Inspired by the attention, we are happy to get our smartphones and type in the search for the name of the site or service. In issuing, we choose the site that the dear person indicated opposite and we start looking at the pages with curiosity, expressing our “expert” opinion.

What happens next? Are you offered to exchange phones? No, this “closing of the deal” takes place in the usual pick-up truck - the guy collects the phones of the girls and reports with this list to his coach. By the way, there is a female pickup, but now is not about that ...

In the CEO pickup, you will not be asked for a mobile number, but you yourself will not notice that you will give exactly what you need!

This is about cheating behavioral factors in SEO promotion. Every time a polled person comes from the street to the site, Yandex sees that the user, having scrolled through all the most interesting and verified sites according to his algorithms, stops at some unsuccessful page of issue 7, reads it and does not return to the search! The user has found exactly what he needs! So Yandex should urgently raise this site in the organic issue, so that users do not browse, but find this site on the first page.

CEO pick-ups were scolding so much traffic that in the end Yandex began to guess something and block sites for 8-12 months, based on the results of its cheat calculating algorithms.

The position of Yandex, like the Futureinapps company, is one for naturalness! You need to create interesting, exciting, useful content so that a user without a pickup will find and stay on your page for a long time. This is true love, without the forbidden techniques and techniques.

"Naturally" we will promote your site, we will help to make it convenient and interesting!

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