What did you lose sight of in SEO? Reviews and reviews for building links!


Most companies use reviews and reviews as a way to gain the trust of their customers and learn more about what their ideal customers need.

Reviews and reviews are also a great way to find out what changes need to be made to your product or service.

However, the use of reviews and reviews as a link building tactic is often overlooked.

This is such a simple and understandable method that they forget about.

Well, yes - it's easy, which is why your business should incorporate reviews and reviews into your link building strategy.

Why focus on reviews and reviews as link building tactics?

1. Establish trust

Reviews are not only useful for the client in the decision-making process, but they are also a great way to establish trust in your business.

A study by Bright Local found that 68% of consumers more often buy from local companies with positive reviews, and "91% of consumers aged 18–34 trust online reviews as well as personal recommendations."


2. Improve SEO and ranking

With each new review or review you receive, search engines will recognize that your site has been updated with relevant content.

When your site is updated, it provides a new crawl feature, which means that your page may have a higher ranking depending on the quality of the new review.

Reviews and reviews can also increase your chances of ranking for long keywords.

By analyzing the comments of your customers, you can find new phrases to use as keywords for SEO optimization.

With each sent review, search engines will see the name of your company and website next to relevant keywords and phrases, which can help increase the credibility of the site.

3. Earn backlinks and unrelated mentions

Writing quality reviews increases the visibility and visibility of your site using backlinks or links.

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4 steps to creating links with reviews and reviews

1. Make a list of relevant sites

Make a list of the products or services that you use daily, especially in your business.

Think about their relevance to your company.

If you are a content agency, a back link to your review of the editing tool will be more useful than a back link to your review of a new pair of shoes.

If your review will be published on the company's website, you must take into account the authority of the domain or the Alexa rating.

2. Check the possibilities

Not every company provides a place to post reviews directly on its website.

If there is no place to send feedback, check the company’s contact information to find an email address.

Peer-reviewed sites such as Yelp and Foursquare also provide the ability to check and evaluate companies, although they are not as personal.

If you use a review site, be sure to include your company name and website in your profile. You also have the opportunity to share a review on your own site as a blog post.

3. Write or create a unique review

Create a genuine review with a lot of personalization. Offer credibility and authority, and use several relevant keywords in your text.

Having keywords and phrases in the overview next to your company name can increase the relevance of your company to these keywords during search engine crawl and increase your Internet recognition for your brand.

4. References without a link to the site are useful

Now it's time to turn to the company! When submitting a review, be sure to include your company name and website to provide a back link to your website.

If the company does not link to you, they will probably still contain the name of your company.

This is also useful because even references without a link to the site can be useful.

Develop B2B relationships through reviews and reviews

Do not forget about reciprocity.

When your review is published, share it on social networks and tag the company, it will be grateful and, possibly, repost at home.

In this example, Karl Pullein, a time and productivity management trainer, mentioned in his content the popular Todoist productivity app. Todoist retweeted Carl's post in his account:

How to create links using reviews & # 038; Reviews

Как создавать ссылки, используя отзывы & # 038;  Отзывы

Building trust and building relationships with other companies provides additional feedback opportunities.

Update your link building strategy

Reviews and reviews are an easy and effective way to create high-quality backlinks and increase the credibility of your site.

As a bonus, writing or requesting feedback is not as difficult as some other standard link building methods!

Upgrade your link building strategy with reviews and reviews, and start building genuine B2B relationships that will benefit your business for years to come.

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