Outbound links affect site ranking?


SEO - website promotion is a complex process that includes all activities that help a site rank in search engines.

Among other events and "chips" that help the promotion of the site, you can mention outgoing links. Yes, we were not mistaken, it was "outgoing"!

Newbies in SEO already know that the more resources they link to a site, the more “solid” it is for Google. However, SEO experts with experience have other questions that even Google cannot give a definite answer, namely, the role of outgoing links in the ranking of the site.

How will Futureinapps answer this question?

Yes and no".

What does it mean?

To some extent, outbound links affect the ranking, but sometimes they can not raise, and lower the site in the search list? 

What factors influence this?

  1. The site should be related to your subject

The site referenced by your site should have a similar theme to yours. There is no need to look for “clones”, sometimes sites have a wide range of topics, for example, portals where sport, health and beauty industry intersect. A link to such a site is fully justified.

When Google creates an Internet map, pages that link to each other form interconnected communities. This is like those images of galaxies. Each galaxy can represent a thematic niche. Some galaxies are bigger. Website link templates are usually grouped into communities by topic. So, if you are interested in whether a link, for example, to a commercial site from an information site, matters, if the topics are the same, then, in our opinion, yes. Topics overlap, so links to the related, but not exact match page are quite normal. Information sites regularly link to commercial sites.

2. Link must be relevant

Any material on your site that has outgoing links should be “backed up” by these links, and not “eroded” by them. What do we want to say with this? If the link will be sent to any study that proves what is written on your site and this information will be relevant, the user will certainly appreciate it, like Google

3. Do not link to spam sites

As a rule, only spam sites link to spam sites. We do not want to be among them? Always analyze the sites that posted decent content to link to it. Maybe you should look for the same material on more serious sites?

Even if at first glance the site seems to be of high quality - still analyze outgoing links. What do they refer to? If the spam sites, then look for more.

4. Do not make a lot of links.

The page on the site should contain not only outgoing links to other sites, but also internal links that link the contents of the site and force the reader to spend as much time on it as possible. However, do not abuse it.


You should use outgoing links wisely. Do not be afraid to make an extra "advertisement" to other sites, if in turn you help your site visitors in finding the right information. Google sees everything and quite possibly rewards your website for your efforts.

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