Website development. UI / UX design


UI / UX design in the development of the site today - the most popular trend, which will remain in it for a long time. After all, the very essence of this design is always to focus on trends! Here is such an entertaining tautology!

What is the essence of UI / UX design?

For a start, let's understand the terms

UX - User Experience, means user experience. This is what the designer should be guided in when drawing up the site interface, namely, where the user wants to click after reading one or another sentence, what he will see after, etc.

UI - User Interface, means the interface for the user. Actually, the design, style, color, etc.

UI and UX skills are usually combined and their carrier is usually one person - a UI / UX designer.

How does the interaction with the UI / UX designer in the company Futureinapps?

Futureinapps is successfully developing unique non-template sites. The position of the UI / UX designer in the company is high, because it is he who sets the tone for the programmer, showing him the prototype of the future site and where the functionality (button) will be located.

The project manager coordinates the client's wishes described in the brief and the terms of reference with the UI / UX designer. The latter is immersed in the client's business "with the head." This is the only way to create a website that will be convenient for a potential client of this business. Well, for example, it will be difficult to create a functional site for the provision of visa services, if the designer does not know the entire procedure for obtaining a visa, ranging from documents collected, photos to waiting times. The functionality of the site should take into account this "client path".

The UI design must also match the product. Branded colors and shapes, fonts and icons - all this should "tell" the customer about the product.

The interface must be selling. Yes, not only text and images can be selling, but also the interface of the site as a whole. After all, it is he who forms the sales funnel, thanks to which customers stay on the site, use it, order from it, make repeat orders.

The concepts of UI and UX design are so close that the tasks often mix with each other. Therefore, it is now customary to combine them.

Ordering website development from Futureinapps, you are ordering a professional team of UI / UX designers!

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