Than you risk, ordering cheap, template sites

Risks when ordering a cheap, template site

Before describing the risks that the customer, who ordered the development of a cheap site, can say, it is worth mentioning that 5 people participate in the process of creating a good site. This means that the cost of the site should at least include the cost of payment for 5 specialists.

  • One of the risks when ordering a cheap site is the probability of not getting the site at all, since the executor simply does not have enough resources to perform the task normally;
  • Template, which is provided complete with cheapness, leads to the fact that the site ceases to be indexed priority. The search engine finds them identical and reduces their delivery in organic. And we know that the position in organic search is very important. First, traffic from there is the most conversion, and secondly, this traffic is long in time - exactly as much as the site is in TOP. To promote the site in search, in addition to unique content, the relevance of the site to the subject of the request, etc., also influences the unique structure, which can be created only in a "manual" way, but not using templates. Often the customer buys a cheap template site, which is initially poorly optimized and needs to be "twisted", which entails additional, sometimes rather large expenses;
  • Typically, template sites in a few months are no longer relevant in the technical and visual part. On that they and the template that can not go beyond their boundaries, and their modernization is more expensive. If you need to add some technical function or integration to the site, the customer will face the boundaries of the template site, which you can bypass (only not go), but attracting even more resources. As a result, the customer again spends money on making the next new site. As they say, the miser pays twice ...;
  • As practice shows, template sites are terribly long loaded, since the core of templateers like templates themselves are written with the use of obsolete technologies that will not save more than one upgrade.

The company that decided to order the creation of the site, it is necessary to clearly understand that the site is the main platform of the presence on the Internet. A good, unique site is the reputation of the company, a platform for communication with its audience and a powerful sales tool on the Internet. Let this article be a guide for site development customers, and we will recall:

"The miser will deny himself the necessary in order to deliver himself an excess in the future, which will never come." J. Say

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