Wake up, subscriber! How to increase activity in Instagram account

Simple ways to increase reach and motivate users.

We hope you already know about the smart tape and understand the principle: the more likes, comments and bookmarks you have, the higher the Instagram will show you on the tape and more often it will be placed in the "popular". So, the higher your coverage.

Accordingly, your task is not just to talk about your product in your profile, but also to make it interesting. So that people want to discuss the content in the comments, save yourself and reread.

How to write quality content, you can talk for a long time. And there are no uniform rules here - everything depends on your imagination, the author’s style of the text and photo, and the product itself. In any case, this is a long, painstaking, systematic work.

But just once to stir up subscribers after hibernation, to remind myself, to attract attention - for this there are a few simple tools. They will help raise you in the tape, increase coverage and draw users' attention to your content.

Practical jokes

Do not be greedy - give! The draw will not only attract subscribers and increase activity, but also launch a “sundress” - a new person will find out about your product, love it, “sit down” and advise friends. This is ideally, of course.

The mechanism of the draw, choose any: on the number generator among the commentators (with an indication of the sequence number), every hundredth comment or prize to the author of the original selfie with the product.


Now, from any SMM guru, you will hear the "diamond" rule of Instagram posts - be sure to ask a question at the end!

In fact, the question is different. If you posted a photo of a cup of coffee and signed “Do you like coffee?” - no one will answer. Well, really, you yourself would answer?

If you want to provoke a discussion, to induce a desire to express an opinion, then the topic should be controversial, ambiguous. If you want to discuss coffee, it’s better to ask subscribers how coffee affects their bodies - is it true that some coffee is not invigorating, but rather lulling? Do they drink a lot of coffee? Is it true that if you drink more than three cups a day, you get addicted, and without coffee it’s impossible to exist? Let people share their unique experiences, argue, read other comments.

Rebuses and tasks

People love to shine with intelligence and intelligence. The riddles from the series “What's wrong here?”, “How many triangles in the picture?” Will help you to collect likes. And if you bother and conduct the author's thematic quizzes - you will not be priced! For a beauty salon: determine the volume of cilia from the photo. For a bookstore, identify the writer by quotation, etc.


The easiest and most trivial way to create activity in your profile and help subscribers type likes. Declare a like time: let the person write “I want likes” and pops up posts from the three previous commentators.

Do not do it all too often. Practical jokes, games and lighttakes are just a quick way to quickly reach. But this does not mean building a content plan around them. To subscribe, read and like, regularly, be original and unique!

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