Video marketing has outdid everyone


According to a Mondo study, only 17% of marketers plan to optimize their sites for voice search over the next 12 months.

According to a new study, during which more than 1000 decision-makers in the field of creative and digital marketing were interviewed, video is a top priority for the remainder of 2019 until 2020. A Mondo Creative & Digital Trends report showed that 67% of digital marketing and advertising professionals consider video marketing to be their first priority. Even when it comes to search engine marketing, respondents indicated that visual and voice search are much lower on the list of priorities.

Why should this bother us?

The types of video marketing that respondents plan to invest in include Instagram stories (66%) and news feeds (62%). GIF animations (52%), movies (31%), streaming (tv) broadcasting (28%) and IGTV (28%) were among the other top types of videos that respondents were going to create.

Not surprisingly, prioritization has varied between B2B and B2C marketers; B2B marketers tend to video feeds, and B2C marketers rate Instagram stories higher.

Depending on the direction of your business, you need a video marketing strategy, which we wrote about in this article.

Recall only that the platforms that you are going to use decide when it comes to choosing a video format and its length.

In addition to video, respondents indicated that efforts in empirical or impression marketing (31%), micro-moments (this is the point in time when the user most of all wants to find out, find or acquire something and does it from his phone) (28%), animation (24%), visual search (21%) and voice search (10%) are important for their marketing in 2019-2020.

Voice search is not a top priority for digital marketers. Only 17% indicated that their sites are already search-optimized or plan to make changes over the next 12 months. Thirty-five percent have or plan to optimize their sites for visual search.

Digital marketers rated audience targeting (86%) as the main component of their paid search strategy next year, with keywords (83%) and remarketing (76%) also ranking high on the priority list.

While more and more voice activated devices continue to enter the market, marketers may not be fully prepared to switch to voice search. Since the video is currently at the top of the wish list, we cannot let new search trends fade into the background.

Given this, we offer your business a comprehensive multi-purpose video production for any video hosting platform. Let your business bring maximum results!

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