How to create selling videos?


Do you use videos to sell your products or services?

Looking for a proven model to help you sell videos?

Video is very effective for marketing. An Oracle report showed that 82% of all viewed online resources have video. If you want people to view your site, you must create video content.

In addition to attracting traffic to the site page, the benefits of video are sales.

In a separate study, 90% of customers also say that videos help them make purchasing decisions, and 88% of marketers say they are satisfied with the cost-effectiveness of their social media video marketing efforts.

Video not only gives your customers the opportunity to see your product in action, but also allows them to see the passion in your eyes when you talk about your product and company. The video allows people to imagine how they can use this product themselves and find out how others use it. Inappropriateness is everything. And just the photo no longer "rolls".

An example of this is real estate. A joint study conducted by Google and the National Association of Realtors showed that the number of requests for home buyers increased by 40% due to the fact that there was a video in the description. People clicked on the link only because they saw the video icon in the list.

The development of parasocial relationships

Video is a powerful, scalable way for brands and companies to develop the awareness, closeness and trust of their audience without the need to recognize or meet with it. In psychology, this phenomenon is called parasocial relationships or one-way relationships, when the viewer learns, loves and trusts you, without even meeting with you personally


As an example from life. The girl fell in love with a night radio DJ, who did not know about her existence, but talked every night with her "lover", to whom he dedicated all the songs from the playlist.

You can achieve a kind of parasocial relationship with other types of content, such as audio or through recording, but video allows you to achieve a higher level of communication with your audience.

Other Benefits of Video Marketing

At a practical level, video is simpler, faster, and more affordable than other forms of content marketing and advertising. For example, managing blogs, SEO, and advertising on Google can be difficult, and it can take months. And even in this case, the data shows that the pages you are trying to rank must have a video in order to succeed.

Proven video creation process

Every marketer has a mobile device. With it, you can create a good video. Or turn to a professional videographer who will create an excellent video for you to promote.

It’s important to understand that a successful video requires a few points. We will talk about them!

Attract the attention of the viewer

The very first step in creating a great video is to get the viewer's attention. This is your visual or your sound hook, the very first thing that the viewer hears or reads in the signature. You must immediately attract him to watch the video.

The Internet is full of video content. Gone are the days when we, produced a video, knew that people, naturally, would watch it only because it exists. Today is different. It’s important to hook users. If you do not, they will go watch something else.


"Hello to all. Welcome to my channel. We will hang out until someone else logs in, ”do not waste time on this. Immediately captivate the viewer during the first 10 seconds of your video. The best way to do this is to focus on the problem you are about to solve. This problem and pain are more effective than pleasure.

Start with a powerful question or statement. Hit the pain points and issues that your video is about to solve for the viewers and make them stay for the next 30 seconds of the video. During these 30 seconds, you need to earn the right for them to watch the next 30 seconds. Then earn the right for the next 30 seconds and so on until the end of the video.

You do not always need to start your videos with a problem or question from the very beginning. As you develop, you can experiment with this formula.

Decorating video

The main thing is a beautifully presented product that fascinates and makes you look further. Be sure to work on a background sound that should not be too loud and annoying. Please note that these "sin" even the most hyped channels. Take care of the ears and eyes of your viewers.


It was once commonplace to start a video with an opening animation or logo. These intros can take up to 35 seconds for viewers before they reach mainstream content. This will kill your videos. But branding is important. So insert it all at the end or display a logo in the corner of the video.

Having a powerful video start and keeping your viewers interested for a longer time provides an additional advantage in marketing and retargeting on Facebook or Google. Long-term involvement of more people helps to expand the audience of retargeting.

Reformulate the problem

The next step is the problem. There is this concept called the state before and after. The “do” condition is a bad place your client is in before he buys your product or service. Condition after is the satisfaction and relief that they experience after receiving your product or service.

To state

Let's say you're talking about attracting potential customers on social networks in your videos.

There is a tendency to be too nice and reassure customers. You tell them that you know that they are trying very hard and are doing everything possible to make their social networks work. It only tells them that they are doing a great job and making them believe that they don’t need what you sell.

Instead, you should hit them hard and focus on what harms and why they need the product or service that you offer.

“Hey, do you have difficulty finding leads on social media?” You have no customers. This is frustrating! Your wife is mad at you. Your children are angry with you. Your dog will not even talk to you ... "

Try it, experiment!

After state

A real study of the “before” state allows the viewer to feel that you are talking directly to them and to understand what they are going through. Show your viewers that you are focused on their pain and use words that indicate exactly what hurts. Show that they have a unique opportunity to rectify the situation and feel relief and joy.

Explain your decision

Explain your unique solution, which only you can offer, and which is impossible to find anywhere except yours.

For example, too many marketers position themselves as just another social media manager. Instead, you should advertise yourself and your products or services as something new and different from everything else. The brain gravitates to a new one, and uniqueness will take your business to the next level.


Once you have determined what you do best and how you can serve your customers, declare the value of the product.

Step by step tell about all the characteristics of the product and its advantages. Limit your video to three, five, or seven high-level steps. Your audience can easily understand the numbers, and this retains their interest and attention.

Most marketers spend a lot of time explaining their decision because they like to talk about themselves. We recommend spending more time fixing the problem and pain points of the client.


Factual evidence

Actual evidence is the part that everyone usually skips. You must provide third-party numerical evidence that you are selling the best. It can be reviews of customers who want to share how much they love and value your product.

In the previous steps of the process, you explained what you have and how it will help people. But now you are telling people: “Don't just take my word for it. See what our customers say about it ... ”

Tell viewers what to do

The final step is “Tell them what to do.” More precisely, this step tells people what you want them to do right after watching your video. Call to action - a call to action. “Visit our site,” “Call us today,” or any other call to action.

Having a strong, special call to action is measurable, but it is not the ultimate goal. It’s just a step that allows you to take people to the next step — a sale or a subscription.

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