Twitter launches a new bidding option. Bet on 6 second videos


Brands will only be charged if their 15-second (or shorter) video ad is viewed for at least six seconds.

Twitter is introducing a new option for bidding for video ads, which allows advertisers to show 15-second or shorter video ads, but you only need to pay for them if the ad is viewed for the full six seconds with a 50% pixel display.

Twitter called it “a flexible option for advertisers who care about completed views, but are ready to rely on the mobile first paradigm (“ mobile first ”) and develop short videos optimized for viewing in the feed.”

Why should SMM be concerned about this?

This new six-second video ad bid option takes 6-second YouTube ads, but offers the option of showing longer ads. Attention should be paid to brands that are focused on the indicators of "complete viewing."

“This six-second video ad solution, coupled with convincing creative, increased browsing speed by more than 22%,” said Alice Oliveira, Dell's CSB marketing director for Brazil, who had early access to the video bid option.

According to a Twitter sponsored EyeSee study, short video with muted audio and a clear corporate identity are better perceived on mobile devices than TV-style videos. Thus, SMM managers should think about short videos that can influence people in a few seconds: talk about a brand, product, service.


• Twitter is introducing a new bidding option for video ads worldwide today, August 26th.

• It is available for ad formats such as Promoted Video, Sponsored Video, and In-Stream Video (no longer than 15 seconds).

• In April 2018, Twitter accounted for more than half of advertising revenue. The company said Monday that video ad formats continue to be the fastest growing ad format.

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