Twitter began to launch a new version of Twitter.com, rebuilt from scratch


The largest redesign of Twitter over the past seven years is intended to be a “clean board” that will help the team quickly introduce new features and capabilities to the site. A company with a new design offers a faster personalized experience, which also means that you need to serve users according to the needs of the user and the device.

Front end

The interface redesign brings the Browse feature to Twitter from its apps to the website. This leads to more content, such as live video and personalized content for your location.

Bookmarks, lists, and profiles now have their own sidebar locations. If you have one or several profiles, the site switches between accounts faster, including with side navigation. You no longer need to log in and log out.

Direct messages have been expanded, so you do not need to switch between screens. Now you can view your conversations and send messages from one interface.


Finally, in addition to the Dim and Lights Out themes, new themes and color options have appeared on Twitter.com.


Twitter rebuilt the server part to support a site that is "personalized, efficient, fast, and more conversational." The Twitter web team says it’s necessary to rebuild the server from scratch, because many problems have arisen because of old architectural solutions.

Backend correspondence had two goals:

1. Make it easier and faster to develop new features.

2. To provide each person and each device with the right experience.

The team combined mobile and desktop architectures using a responsive design that goes beyond a simple screen size.

Twitter.com now downloads and runs the code only when it is needed (for example, on a mobile device it does not download the sidebar of the home page and settings page until it is required). Each new feature that Twitter develops for desktop computers is made available to all other clients: Windows applications, Twitter Lite and KaiOS applications.

Twitter can now also serve each component of the site for each specific user. For example, data storage functionality can be offered not only to mobile phones, and keyboard shortcuts can work when a keyboard is detected.

“Today’s launch is just the beginning,” the team insists. Again, Twitter claims that the update will allow it to add new features to Twitter.com "faster than ever." Maybe it finally means the appearance of the edit button?

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