Travel agency promotion on Google and Yandex. How to accumulate links?


The era of travel has begun, and the tourism industry is developing at lightning speed. Previously, travel companies used the press to attract customers' attention in their promotion.

Organic traffic through search engines has become a huge driving force for travel agencies today. Links is the new press, and seo link promotion is more important than ever for travel brands.

We will look at some technologies for promoting a tourism product using links that you can use in your strategy for next year.

1. Journalist's free ride

Traveling to the press is truly unique to the tourism sector, as there are not many other industries where it really makes sense.

Simply put, a travel brand contacts a journalist to offer them a free ride in exchange for expected coverage. This is also one of the most common ways to win-win barter, as it is quite simple for both parties.

This can be a pretty expensive way to promote a travel agency.

It makes sense for the hotel to offer several free rooms during the off-season to a group of journalists and bloggers - they will receive some press coverage and the rooms will not be in vain.

When the return on investment is not important, it makes sense to invite a distinguished blogger or journalist, make him a full tour package with food and transport and make sure that his experience is the most striking.

If this is a journalist for The New York Times, it’s worth the cost, as it will pay dividends for many years.

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2. Grocery tricks (lure)

A grocery trick is when a travel brand creates a temporary or unusual offer to catch the attention of the press and many links.

Best example? Google Trends has been walking the day that the news that Airbnb is renting Barbie’s house to Malibu DREAMHOUSE for only $ 60 per night.