How to get into Google Maps?


Ensuring that your company is promoted on Google maps (Google maps), is of paramount importance for the long term.

Potential customers are often skeptical of companies that are almost not present on the Internet.

Fortunately, Google Maps provides one of the easiest and fastest ways to access the Internet. After all, you can add an organization to Google maps for free!

Business owners are now able to sell their goods and services in real time to anyone with a mobile device.

What is marketing on Google Maps?

Marketing on Google Maps is simply optimizing your business on Google Maps. Add the organization to the map, show yourself to your customers!

The goal is simple: increasing your search ranking gives you the opportunity to significantly improve your business.

The better the optimization of your profile, the better your chances of being in Google Maps in your area.

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Why is Google Maps marketing so important?

Google processes about 3.5 billion search queries per day and provides nearly 88% of all mobile searches.

Google's local search queries also directly affect sales: 76% of those who search for local products visit the store throughout the day.

Marketing on Google Maps can affect how Google views your business and its appearance in the so-called local package of 3 organizations.

Google Maps results (local of 3 sets) are displayed at the top of the page in this Google search.

Google Maps can direct thousands of leads to your business.

If your business is not included in 3 packages, your chance of being found is exponentially lower.

That is why marketing in Google Maps is considered the most important aspect of SEO and search engine promotion sites in Google Maps - one of the strategic goals of the business.

Customization and optimization of the Google My Business (GMB) list

Creating a Google My Business (GMB) list is completely free.

This is because technically this is not advertising at all - you just make it clear to Google that your business exists.

However, the ultimate goal is to keep your business higher in search than your competitors.

Set up Google My Business

To set up data in Google My Business, follow these steps:

• Log in to Google and go to https://www.google.com/business/.

• Then find or create a list for your business.

• Fill in all the information.

• Be sure to select the correct category and add contacts.

• Verify your account. This can be done using Google by phone, email or regular mail.

• Add quality photos.

• Double check all your information.

Read this guide to learn how to fully optimize your GMB list.

How to increase rating in Google Maps

Google Maps takes into account a number of factors when deciding how to rank the results.

The geographical distance from the person searching, and the category of business related to his search, are the most obvious.

Perhaps more important is how complete and accurate your GMB listing is. This can help you and your competitors determine who will appear in the search.

Finally, good reviews can be a deciding factor.

Google Map Optimization Checklist

To give your company a better chance of appearing on Google Maps for relevant searches, simply follow the checklist below.

• Submit or create a list for your business.

• Fill in all the information:

o The correct service area and address.

o Working hours / working days.

o Website / URL for them to make a purchase.

o List your specific offers. Clear and simple. Try adding keywords naturally when possible.

• Choose the most relevant and common categories for your business.

• Add quality photos.

• Double check all your information.

• Develop good reviews.

• Tell us about your company on Google My Business.

• Use analytics to adapt your strategies.


Add an organization to Google maps is an easy way to go Google. Take care of it!

Also, remember that the best way to promote yourself in all Google applications is:

• Keep your information up to date.

• Take care of your social evidence (customer reviews).

• Make sure your visual presentation is always top notch.

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