Three unusual ways to use contextual advertising


In the world of digital marketing, there is a legend about a college graduate who decided to start working in a large IT company. This enterprising young man gave his resume, but was not noticed. Then he decided to set up an advertising campaign in Google AdWords, using the names of company executives in keywords. And they noticed him! Naturally, hired!

Pretty resourceful use of Adwords, right?

This challenges the classic way companies use the platform: participating in commercial keyword auctions and convincing potential customers to visit your site. Dentists use the keywords "caries treatment" and "dentist", lawyers offer "legal services". This is a typical advertising campaign for which business owners allocate an advertising budget.

The only problem is that Google Adwords can become really expensive when your competitors trade in the same keywords with the highest rates.

Fortunately, this is not the only way to use Adwords. Here are three unusual ways to use Google Adwords, which you probably haven't tried yet.


Steal your competitors' customers


When your customers are very close to buying, they continue to compare products or services to choose the best. At this stage, you can intercept customers from your competitors.

Instead of betting and focusing on industry keywords, try setting your ads to brands of well-known competitors. Inserting your business at a time when consumers are interested in your competitors, you get the opportunity to interest them more and lure them away!

In fact, this is a fairly common practice. When you forget in Beeline, you will find an ad from Megafon and vice versa.

The advertising of the N *** mattress went even further. When the well-known and expensive competitor “M ***” advertises its mattresses, “N ***” in its ad writes “do not buy M *** mattresses before you know the whole truth about them” and leads the buyer who was looking “M ***” to the site of the company “N ***” and shows video clips that explain that, despite the brand’s uncertainty, this mattress is no worse and even better. Besides, much cheaper!

The ethical side of the issue will not be considered. Just note that this is a brilliant use of Google advertising!

However, all this can be expensive, especially if competitors are trying to use the same tactics, or if the expensive brand is protecting itself in Google.

The brand of competitors can be used in a more peaceful way, namely, to collect keywords mentioning the brand with errors and non-standard writing. For example, instead of “queen”, people can type “karaleva” or write the name of the shopping center “Park House” as “Park Haus”, etc.

Studies have shown that more than 10% of searchers mistakenly use brand names. If you use these errors, you can be in the TOP of the search results at relatively low advertising costs.


Targeted people who are not yet ready to buy


That sounds illogical, right? Why do you need people who are not yet ready to buy?

According to John Lev Weber, vice president of marketing for ProjectManager.com, it all boils down to different interpretations of the value presented by Google Adwords.

“Most advertisers see a conversion mechanism in Adwords,” says Weber. “Instead, advertisers should consider Adwords as a traffic mechanism. You can offer low rates for less targeted keywords to drive traffic to your site, and later get people involved in funnels that will work effectively on the site and convince people to make a spontaneous purchase. ”

With this tactic, non-conversion at the first visit is an opportunity, not a loss.

When your keywords cost $ 50 per click, this funnel tactic begins to look pretty attractive.


Find out who you do not sell


Imagine you are selling software for private practice doctors. Your product is not intended for large healthcare facilities. Hospitals and large clinics are not your client.

If you use the keyword "medical office management software", you will reach your target audience. This is great, but in this audience there will also be untargeted people who are looking for software to manage large medical institutions.

Therefore, first of all, you need to think about people that you do not need and include a list with them in the negative words of the advertising campaign.

Using the negative words "hospital" and "large", you can filter out non-target requests.

 Negative words will save you money and time.


Advertising campaigns for polls


Want to know if your new brand resonates? Need to know how good your latest headline ideas for an ad are?

To answer such questions, business owners often rely on expensive research. But with Google Adwords such data can be much more accessible and cheaper.

Entrepreneur Paul Bromen, who sells mobile gaming applications, often uses contextual advertising to test new ideas. It gives quick feedback and understanding how interesting the product is.

Such quick feedback can be crucial to test the viability of a new business idea. This is not a joke, considering that 50% of startups fail in the first four years.

Futureinapps company will professionally configure contextual advertising for your business!

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