Three "chips" on an e-commerce site that will increase sales


Conversions are an important success indicator for any e-commerce website. If your conversion rate does not increase (or remains constant) at higher levels of traffic, then no marketing will help you grow your business. Futureinapps is discussing the best conversion strategies through smart website development that your e-commerce site should use.

• Smooth checkout process. Perhaps the easiest way to increase your conversion rate is to make the shopping process as smooth as possible. The two most important CTAs (call to action) - “Place an order” and “Add to cart” should always be clear and visible to the buyer. One of the main reasons for refusing a purchase is the obligation of people to register before they complete the purchase. If you are creating a clear and simple buying algorithm for guests, you can invite users to create an account after completing an order.

• Relevant recommendations. Referral mechanisms featuring optional products can significantly increase the average order value and conversion rate. The change in value depending on the filling of the basket or the order of recommended products makes it possible to pay attention to a product as yet unknown, which may correspond to the tastes or interests of the buyer.

• Customer reviews and feedback. The availability of verifiable and real reviews available for customers to view is critical to building trust with site visitors. A modern online shopper finds the product he is interested in, and then scrolls down the page to find reviews. In order to increase the number of viewings of reviews, your company must respond to reviews, especially negative ones. It is important to consider negative feedback as an opportunity to create a positive customer service experience. Respond to negative customer attitudes quickly and elegantly so that future site visitors can see what you read and respond to reviews. Customers are more likely to leave feedback if they know they can expect a positive interaction with you.

Focus on these top three conversion strategies. This will definitely increase the conversion rate by increasing traffic. As long as you focus on improving your online customer experience, your brand will be on the right track. And we will deal with the technical implementation of this strategy on the site!

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