The specifics of the development of sites for public institutions


Website development is, above all, creativity, which implies not only design, but also the structure of the site.

Sites for business are a wide field for creativity, but what about the development of websites for state institutions?

First of all, it should be noted that the development of websites for state institutions has a number of features, among which the main one is to follow the State Standards on design, presented content, technical parameters and usability.

As a rule, customers already know all the GOSTs themselves and fix them in the technical specifications and in the joint development of project documentation. Simply put, developers are provided with a finished document, which site is needed.


Restrained and laconic style - the basis of the design of such sites. It is known that, for example, for medical institutions there are more than 60 points of GOST design, beyond which site designers should not go.

In addition, in 2009, the Federal Law came out, which obliges state bodies to have a version of the site for visually impaired citizens.

One way or another, GOST design standards are comparable with international design standards:

  • ISO 13407 - User-centric design for interactive systems.
  • ISO 18529 - Human and system interaction.


Website usability is also regulated by GOST and is committed to the international standard ISO 9241-11.

Structure and content

  • The structure of the website of a state institution must include the following pages:
  • General information
  • Normative activities
  • Information on participation in targeted programs, official events and other
  • Statistics
  • Staffing Information
  • Operation mode
  • reference
  • Reliable information on the site should be updated regularly, at least once a week

What are the problems faced by customers of websites for government agencies?

Despite the high requirements, often usability, the functionality and design of websites of government institutions leaves much to be desired. This happens for a number of reasons, the main ones being the lack of professionalism of the contractor or poor communication between the contractor and the customer at the stage of creating the technical task.

Futureinapps company fully accompanies all stages of ordering a site, starting with drawing up a technical task, and ending with uploading a finished site to the network. The rich experience in creating handmade sites allows the project to be scaled and left open for further “upgrades”, which is not always possible to do on platforms such as Bitrix and 1 C.

Regardless of the GOSTs, Futureinapps can offer a unique IT solution for websites of state institutions that will be convenient, functional and please the eye of the user.

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