Required site chips for business. What do customers like?

Creation of unique sites for business

At the present stage of the evolution of marketing, it is extremely necessary to stand out against the background of competitors' sites. All methods are used - contextual advertising, SEO promotion, offline advertising. However, no less important is the development of sites for the future, that is, the use of modern development methods that allow you to supplement, optimize and "twist" the site without the risk of losing it due to an outdated template that can not be changed. Sites for business require an individual approach of a professional developer and do not tolerate stereotypedness.

Let's give an example for clarity, the plant is grounded (a template) for the production of certain cars, they can be modified, but still they will be cars of the same brand. And now let's imagine how cars are made manually - any wish of the customer is doable - a dream car. The handmade site is also a dream, which, however, is closer to reality.

So which "chips" will attract customers to your site and increase the conversion?

  • Automation of processes

Algorithms following one or another action on the site require automation. For example, when you enter a promotional code, you'll receive a discount, a mailing list for new customers, a gift for permanent customers, etc.

  • Synchronization

It is very important for online stores to have up-to-date information, for example, on the availability of goods and balances for both buyers and sellers. Therefore, it is very important to synchronize all processes, which is achieved by integration with 1 C.

  • Product Configurators

The user site usually linger on it longer if he is asked to show his creativity himself and design their proposed, for example, building materials house, or colorize the rooms from the proposed wall paint, or arrange the furniture that is sold in this online store. This user action positively affects the ranking of the site and its promotion on the ladder of the search engines Yandex and Google up!

  • Filters

A simple search is good, but with filters - even better. Thanks to filters, the user can find exactly what he needs, without scrolling through endless pages of services or goods. This will help you determine what your customers are looking for more often and to adapt their site and contextual advertising to their requests. In addition, a long stay on the site and the commission of certain actions on it also raise it in search results.

  • Useful calculator

The calculator is not a new idea. However, it can also be improved using new options, while studying the client's preferences in parallel.

These are not the only "chips" for a business site. A professional company-developer will necessarily offer you something new, immersed in your business with your head. In this, perhaps, the most basic "piece" of sites for business of manual work. I want to order development of a unique site!

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