The role of the project manager in the development


Who is a project manager or project manager in a company? A clear definition does not yet exist, but it is certain that this position implies responsibility for the planning, management and execution of projects.

Probably the first project managers appeared in the IT field. It is here that it is so important to coordinate all parts of the project so that it is of high quality and comes out on time.

Let's take an example - website development.

The stages of website development are clear and seemingly do not require special attention from the project manager. After all, it is enough to get a technical task from the customer and it will go like clockwork to a triumphal completion in the form of a working site without bugs.

But in practice, everything is wrong. Work on the creation of a site is a teamwork. Developers, designers, promoters, etc. - these are people! And people tend to slow down their work and, therefore, the work of the team.

Then a savior comes on the scene - a project manager!

What are the challenges facing him?

1. Project management

This includes getting a technical task from the customer, drawing up a brief and filling it with the customer, monitoring deadlines and quality, calculating budget risks and more.

2. Communication with the customer

Interacting with the customer is an important part of the work of the project manager. Stress resistance is important here, the ability to agree. The project manager conducts regular coordination of each development stage - action plan, deadlines, budgets.

3. Communication with the development team

This work is very similar to the work of HR - it is important to motivate the team, set the tone and rhythm of the work, evaluate the results, agree on the timing.

4. Record keeping

Maintaining technical and project documentation is an important component of the project manager’s work. He should always have a report on any stage of negotiations with customers or developers. Proper documentation maintenance frees the customer and the IT company management from unnecessary questions to the project manager.


1. Technical

The question of the competencies of the project manager in IT remains open. Should he have a delicate understanding of the technical part of the development or not?

There are two approaches and each of them has proved its right to life. Of course, it is important for the manager to understand the development process itself in order to set adequate deadlines for completing the tasks and evaluate them correctly.

2. Management

Of course, the project manager must have the skills to manage a large team of developers. It is he who is their "face" in front of the customer.

3. Communication

Perhaps the core competency that a project manager should have. Communication with the customer, team, management should be as effective as possible.

It is more convenient for the customer to communicate on his task with one person who will be able to answer all questions related to the order. Therefore, the project manager is indispensable in the IT field.

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