The main trends of social networks in 2020

The main trends of social networks in 2020

Trend No. 1. Social media will return to its roots

Social media is back to its roots - from just a marketing tool to a personal, communication approach. It was predicted four years ago by Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel.

There will be less public interactions and more personal interactions in various messengers and social networks.

Trend No. 2. Influencer marketing needs to be more sincere

Famous and influential people are extremely effective in attracting an audience, and the key to the partnership will be the authenticity and sincerity of the interaction. Studies say that already about 47% of subscribers are annoyed by fake integrations.

Trend No. 3. Brands need a “human” voice

With such a huge amount of messages, information noise, it is easy to lose the attention of subscribers. Speak with them in plain language. Simplify messages, captions for photos or videos. Do not be too serious and formal.

Trend No. 4. Social networks will be part of every employee’s work.

Long gone are the days when the use of social networks took place only during lunch breaks. In today's world, business is constantly interacting with SMM and your staff should help you develop your accounts. Reposts, geotagging marks, reviews - involve your colleagues in these actions.

Trend No. 5. Social networks will continue to dominate content marketing for the B2B sector

In 2019, social networks became the main organic content distribution channel. This trend will continue. Companies will have to invest more in SMM, including financially. In addition, it will be extremely important for marketers to build a unique content strategy for each social network. There will be less universal solutions.

Trend No. 6. Traffic in instant messengers continued to grow

In 2020, you should think about how messengers will fit into your SMM strategy.

As the use of classic social networks decreases, instant messengers will gain momentum. Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp are billions of active users, including the coveted Millennials and Generation Z (the term used in the world for a generation of people born around 2000-2019).

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