The difference between a web designer and a developer


When customers want to create a website, they start looking for specialists on the Internet for such requests: designer, developer, web designer, designer and website developer. However, the work of a web designer and a web developer should be separated.

Web designer and web developer - both of them are important for creating sites, but there is always a debate about what the difference is between them.

The most obvious is that the web designer is responsible for the visual or aesthetic side of the site, while the web developer is the invisible coding side design.

In short, a beautiful web interface is created by web designers, and the developer is responsible for turning a beautiful image into a page that really displays to visitors. Need a web developer? Contact us!

Who is a web designer?

Web designers are responsible for web visual design , a web designer must have a great sense of aesthetics and be able to make a website beautiful. Moreover, they use web design tools such as Photoshop, Coreldraw, Frontpage, Dreamweaver to distinguish the website from the rest.

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When you visit a website, the first thing that attracts your attention is the web page interface design, such as content introduction, button placement, text combination, color scheme, user guide content. All these are the job responsibilities of a web designer.

Related works include: UI designer, UX designer and visual designer.

But a web designer cannot completely ignore coding

Web design and web development may require a certain level of programming knowledge.

Skilled web designers need to understand code better than graphic designers, and understand design better than programmers. As creators of beautiful web pages, their ultimate goal is to create a website that will shock users. In short, a designer is one who determines how the end user will view a site or application.

Web designers work closely with the developer, teamwork gives excellent results.

 Design Tools for Web Designers:

• Adobe Photoshop

• Illustrator

• Sketch

• Dreamweaver

• AI

Web Designer Job Descriptions

• Responsible for the overall positioning of the style of the site and provides a general visual perception of users;

• Responsible for prototype design;

• Carry out graphic design of the product catalog;

• Advertising design;

• Assist developers in page design and other work.

In general, web designers are responsible for using their own aesthetic knowledge with various tools to create a beautiful page. A good designer can catch the whole style of a company's product, creating a good impression on customers.

The difference between web designers and graphic designers

Although they are all designers, graphic design and web design are two different areas. Graphic design is when the initial product is design, a visual representation of an idea that is translated onto paper in a printing house most often - that is, just a picture or an animated picture for the Internet. Graphic designers do not program.

Web designers know more than graphic designers, they learn the coding language from a web developer and can embed this image in the site; sometimes they have to do animations like FLASH, JS, CSS, etc.

Who is a web developer?

The web developer is also called the front-end developer. Web development is the process of creating an interface, such as a web page or application, and implementing interaction with the user interface using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, frameworks and other solutions.

The primary responsibility of a web developer is to collaborate with interaction designers, user interface designers, and visual designers to create pages in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript based on visual design. At the same time, they should maintain a filled page and be responsible for optimizing the site.

In addition, they need to determine whether it is possible to implement the interface developed by the user interface designer using development technology. At the same time, they have to interact with the internal developer and determine whether the relevant data can be provided in accordance with the contents of the interface.

In addition, a qualified web developer must have certain aesthetic abilities and work well with the interaction designer and visual designer. Obviously, a good web developer is the bridge between web design and code.

Web Developer Tools:

Source code management tools: SVN, CVS, Git, etc .;

IDE: WebStorm, Sublime, VS Code, etc.

Front-end technology: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc.

Framework: jQuery, React, Bootstrap, etc.

In recent years, front-end development has become popular, and many young people want to become web developers. Consequently, skill requirements are getting higher and higher, and, of course, the salary level of web developers has also increased accordingly.

Salary of web developer and web designer in 2019:

Naturally, novice web developers should expect a lower salary.

Used average salaries in the world:

Web Developer Payroll 2019: $ 99,112 / year

Internal Developer Salaries in 2019: $ 164,786 / Year

Web Designer Salaries in 2019: $ 76,177 / Year

UI Designer Salary in 2019: $ 97,494 / year

UX Designer Salary in 2019: $ 109,062 / year

Visual Designer Salary in 2019: $ 91,383 / year

Source: https://www.glassdoor.com/Salaries/index.htm

It is important for our customers to know why and to whom they pay when they buy website development in Kazan. This article, we hope, will clarify some of the working moments of development and help determine the choice of specialists in order to eventually get the best web developers!

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