SMM. Reputation management in social networks


Social networks are a universal communication platform that is accessible to everyone. A self-respecting company must be present in at least one social network, because the attitude of customers towards it is also formed there. Business in social networks should be social, that is, as close as possible to its consumers, who, by the way, not only ask about your products / services, but also leave feedback.

Often these reviews can be negative, which means you need to run reputation management processes.

Of course, reputation management is not only a response to a bad review, but also preventive measures that initially do not allow a negative to the company.

Reputation management is not the way to post a photo of a manicure on an instagram, but control over what accompanies this picture afterwards - reviews, referrals and further “walking” of it in the network.

There are many sites where real reputation wars take place and all this needs attention. A person, as a rule, rarely leaves a good review. Agree, if you watch Internet TV every day, then do not write in the networks that it works for you regularly. But as soon as some technical case occurs, a negative post to the Internet provider is provided.

Therefore, a negative in relation to the company will meet. We can not exclude the black PR competitors.

What to do?

First of all - calm down. No need to argue with the "negativshchiki", without understanding the problem, otherwise it turns out that you spent an hour to argue with the competitors' bot.

Understand the situation, find out what the problem is! Respond to negative should be strictly in the case, without emotion and with great respect.

Often, a dissatisfied customer who has left a bad review deletes it after talking with technical support. If the charges are baseless, then a bad review can be removed using legal methods.

Monitor your company social media regularly!

It is very simple. Enter the company name in the search bar, which is present on all social networks and read the references of the company in the posts of users. There may be reviews, questions and thanks - answer all. This is a unique opportunity not only for feedback from the audience, but also for sales and pre-sale without investment!

Reputation management in large companies should be dealt with by specially created departments whose employees create a strategy for responding to various situations related to your brand in social networks. Often, ready-for-all scripts replace a bunch of nerves and save time.

Today, it is not enough to talk about business. It is important to create a reputation in which there will be no holes!

A team of experts in managing the reputation of your business is ready to defend it in social networks!

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