SMM promotion. Trends of the coming year.


SMM (SMM), like any marketing does not stand still and is constantly evolving. The standard set of rules remains, but add-ins appear to these rules that any self-respecting SMM manager should own and constantly monitor.

New trends in SMM should respond in the hearts of your target audience if they are suitable for promoting your company on social networks.

So, what awaits us in the SMM?

Screen life

This is a relatively new technology of video advertising, which is becoming popular. It is actively used, for example, in Aliexpress. The bottom line is that the video is shown in the messenger, as if we were witnessing the privacy of a person who forgot to turn off video chat. Thus, the audience satisfies its subconscious and conscious need, which must be confessed, to peeping. In Aliexpress video in this format can be seen at blogger consultants.

Opinion leaders

The topic of advertising among bloggers is becoming more and more popular. According to statistics, 50% of young users of social networks buy a product or service on the recommendation of a famous person.


Social network users have increasingly begun to refer to sources of articles or photos. Thus, the copyright is preserved and the citation index is increased. This is clearly a positive trend, isn't it?

Audio advertising

For some, it is still new to hear ad inserts in the Vkontakte playlist, but you need to be ready for this, because the growth of advertising in audio format is predicted to be high. The most interesting thing is that a new direction has emerged in the brandbook of companies, showing how they should be “branded” in the media space.

Communication goes to a new level

Communications become even more interactive and brand promotion must be very subtle in them. Top of professionalism - when the audience does not even notice that they are advertising something.

Cheek brings success!

Looking at others and doing the same? Will not work! Yes, you need to learn from someone else's experience, groundwork, but sometimes you need to do something completely different to get noticed. Be bold in your endeavors and, most importantly, sincere. The audience close to you will understand and appreciate it.

Content is created by users

For some companies, it is not enough to build an official content policy emanating from the original source. It is important to create conditions for content from users. Sometimes it is this content that “sells” best.

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