SMM life hacking. IGTV: what can and can not?


So, you have probably heard (or seen) what IGTV is.

IGTV is an Instagram for long video content, allowing users to download content of up to ten minutes. The uniqueness of the platform lies in the fact that it is intended mainly for vertical content (even if horizontal video is now supported).

These videos can be accessed from the standard Instagram app, and users are allowed to post 60-second previews of the clip in their feed. Then their subscribers can view the full video on Instagram by clicking on the video or inquiry after previewing the clip. In essence, this is an Instagram way to keep users in the app, instead of switching to YouTube.

So now that you know what IGTV is, you may wonder how to use it. Here's a life hack!

Create a video for IGTV! Facebook likes to prioritize the news feed of an application to encourage engagement. As a result, preview posts have priority in the feed of your subscribers, and also appear on the “Detection” screen more often. In other words, your content is promoted by Instagram for free.

Many brands are in no hurry to make the leap in the newest feature of Instagram. While the increase in free content is nice, for some it’s hard to justify creating vertical video content for one platform. Time and resources cost money, and the larger the company, the stricter their content. This can give small and medium-sized companies an advantage by giving them the freedom to move forward and create content without restriction.

This does not mean that all companies should do this on their phone. IGTV is a great new tool, but there are some noticeable differences between what you can and cannot do. Let's take a look at this.

You can: publish videos for submission

As we mentioned earlier, you can post a 60-second clip to your news feed. When you first publish your video, you can share a preview of the entire video. If you prefer, you can also share an IGTV video with an associated Facebook page. Important note: you can only share a video preview in your news feed or share IGTV when posting - you can’t do it later.

Can't: Change Preview Title

Although you can post a preview of IGTV in your feed, you will not be able to edit the post title as soon as it appears. In addition, the caption for each of these previews is extracted directly from the title of the video, so it is in your interest to name the videos that are similar to the titles for Instagram, unlike what you would call a video on Facebook.


I can not: pay to increase IGTV video or previews of posts

Previews get good support from Instagram, but you won't be able to increase your views by paying for it. The structure of the platform can not be manipulated. It doesn't matter if you use Facebook Ads Manager or try to promote directly via Instagram, you will not be able to invest in these posts.

You can: attach a video to your story

Yes, relying solely on organic traffic for your top-level content can be a little difficult. Do not worry, there is a small tool in Instagram that will help to fill in the aforementioned minus.

After you post an IGTV video, you will have access to the link to your video using scrolling. Previously, this feature was reserved for accounts with 10,000 subscribers or more, now it is available to all after the publication of the video. However, you cannot advertise stories that lead to IGTV videos.

IGTV is still a relatively new platform, and things are changing every day. Our biggest advice is experiment! If something goes wrong, you will definitely learn something from experience, which is perhaps more valuable than any success.


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