SMM. Just one of the ways to promote in social networks


Promotion in social networks, or SMM, is a whole art, since simply posting interesting pictures and writing texts is not yet promotion. The word itself speaks for itself. Answer honestly the question: “Does this picture promote at least somehow your product or service or do you personally like it?”. If it does not promote, then do not litter the tape, postpone the posting and go for a walk ... through the pages of celebrities on social networks.

Algorithms of social networks are “sharpened” on opinion leaders - these are the people who gather around themselves the maximum number of audiences.

This audience can pay attention not only to advertising of products or services, which is shown by celebrity. After all, everyone understands that advertising is paid for and the fact that the star really uses this product is not always a fact.

One post for celebrities on Instagram, for example, can cost from 90 thousand rubles to a million or more (for example, from the same Olga Buzova). Agree, not all business owners can afford such advertising budgets.


But what to do when fans of this or that superstar are exactly your target audience?

Recently in the SMM community discussed the case of instant promotion account in Instagram due to a successful comment under one of the posts celebrity.

A certain culinary specialist, who has only 49 publications in the feed to date, has 19 thousand subscribers, and most of them came only thanks to one comment under the post of Olga Buzova.

How it was:



For one night, the culinary blog has become famous.

Is it possible, thanks to one comment, to get into the TOP social network with becoming popular? Yes, miracles happen, but not in this case.

The SMM community, in the course of discussing this incident, found out that the cook had written similar comments under the posts of many celebrities, and here, one of the comments “fired”.


All of this suggests that SMM promotion is a long and hard work - writing content that the chef was excellent, evenly promoting each post, communicating with his target audience in other blogs. It is important to interest people, and how - choose yourself, but it is better to work on all fronts.

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