Set up an advertising campaign, but do not lose the coast!


Sometimes in pursuit of the most creative idea of ​​advertising, marketers "lose their banks."

So in 2010, the company Walkers Crisp (in Russia it is known as a producer of chips Lay) has arranged an unusual advertising campaign.

By purchasing a pack of chips, the buyer could register on the promotion website and try to predict when it will rain. If his prediction was correct, then he received a payment equal to the value of 25 packs of chips.

Marketers did not take into account only two points: ⠀

An advertising campaign was held in England ... in the fall

As a result, almost all the predictions came true - it rained almost every day and the company had to fork out for decent.

This case is of course single, mostly advertisers make banal mistakes.

Banal mistakes in advertising

Advertising post must be formed correctly, because otherwise your advertising will not work.

What do we give out at the first stage?

- Our company has been operating for more than 10 years / we have opened;

- We have the lowest prices / best craftsmen;

- Our office is located in the city center;

- We accept cash and non-cash payment.

And a million more WE! Boring


Your potential clients are absolutely indifferent to how many years you have been working, that you were honored to finally open up, what good masters and magic goods you have.

You must convey to the client that he will receive, if he comes to you, why he will benefit from working with you. Why do you need to work / buy from you?

Let's see how to properly:

We have been implementing YOUR ideas for more than 10 years.

You do not need to worry about the delivery, we will bring you the product at a convenient time for you!

You can buy, order, see, try on.

You can pay in any convenient way for you,

Interest the audience

Due to the increasing competition and the number of players in the market that do the same, you need to stand out.

The fact is that the audience does not know you, does not know your product. To overcome this threshold, you need to “warm up” the audience before you submit your proposal. Accordingly, before asking the client to do something, you need to fall in love with him.

Show what your experience demonstrates (publication, video, reviews).

Before assessing the result of advertising, wait for stable performance

The very first results, after the launch of advertising may be misleading you. That is why you need to wait, and not to run to check in a couple of hours. The stabilization of the advertising campaign may take several days.

Half of the advertising projects contain at least one serious mistake. There are only three such information overflows, poor visualization, it is not argued. This is evidence that the quality of advertising is given insufficient attention. Therefore it is worth contacting experts.

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