Seo optimization. What should be the content of the site when promoting?


SEO (SEO) optimization consists of many steps. Today we will talk about those related to the content.

Check your site step by step in this direction!

Do you have a title tag?

Use the services that determine if the page has a required Title tag. This is the title, correctly designed in the page code, as the Title.

Title Length

The length of the title should be as long as possible, but at the same time, not to go beyond the scope of the future snippet, which we see in the search results. Basic information must be placed at the beginning of the title. Next in priority.

Title semantics

Semantics are the main keywords related to your page. For example, the word “cucumber” will be the main one in the article about cucumbers. It is necessary that this word and other keywords be included in the title Title.

Title Appeal

Despite the above actions, the title should not be a set of keywords. He is obliged to attract attention and be meaningful.

META tag Description

Not always and not all pages require a meta description, because it perfectly forms the search engine in the organic issue. However, sometimes such a description is necessary. In this case, make the most relevant, exciting description no longer than 160 characters (long descriptions are automatically truncated in the search engines).

Do not allow duplicate meta tags for different pages.

H1, H2 and other headers

H1 headers by semantics often coincide with TItle, the only difference is in the design of the code. It must be remembered that one page should have only 1 H1 tag. There can be any number of subtitles, but it is important to observe their sequence. There should not be such that the heading H3 stands before the heading H2.

Page semantics

Similar to Title, the semantics of a page should have keywords that match its theme. To do this, check the text, is it informative and complete enough? It is not necessary to stuff the keys in each sentence. Re-optimization today is not in trend with search engines!

Image Description

Do not forget to put a description of the image. This is just as important as headings and text. At the same time, use keywords so that a person looking at a picture will immediately understand what the page of the site is talking about.

This is the main content optimization site. Having passed all points of the aforesaid, you receive the content optimized page. But remember that the most important thing in content optimization is content that is interesting to the user.

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