SEO optimization. Stages


SEO website optimization is a long and laborious process that requires time and the right approach. It will be wrong to order SEO promotion, suspend it, and then continue again. As a rule, the results of a seo without constant support eventually tend to zero again, although they do not reach it.

What are the stages of seo promotion must pass?

1. The introductory stage. The deadline is 1-2 months.

At this stage, familiarity with the site, full analysis, technical work on internal optimization takes place.

• Site audit, error detection, correction.

• Setting the site indexing - the search engine robot should notice and "read" the correct pages later.

• Engineering works

• Creating content on the site - static and changeable.

2. The stage of filling and reindexing. The deadline is 1-3 weeks.

At this stage, the transfer of the test site to the "combat". New pages are created and filled, a new site is re-indexed.

Only after that the site will begin to advance on the search for low-frequency and mid-frequency queries.

3. The main stage of work. Deadline - from 4 months to infinity.

CEO is, above all, analysis and constant adjustment. At this stage of work, which can continue indefinitely, the seo specialist analyzes the growth of the site’s position in the search, the site is constantly filled with content, links are bought. The analysis leads to the decision - how to improve the usability of the site and increase the conversion.

The conclusion of the site in the TOP of the organic issue is impossible to predict. Do not believe promises to do it in a month or two. In the TOP you can be through contextual advertising, and in the CEO you have to wait from 6 months to 2 years, but it is worth it! Because according to statistics, the conversion of the site in the TOP organic search results above advertising!

What happens when an impatient customer refuses CEO advancement after the first two stages?

Of course, the work of a specialist's CEO will not be in vain. However, one should take into account the role of building up the reference mass, the effect of which begins approximately 2-3 months after the start. Growth should be constant and without sudden jumps. If you stop this process, and then start it again - this is fraught with a ban of search engines and rollback to several months of work.

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