SEO. How to add a new site to search results?


For owners of a new site, the question usually arises about how it gets into search results so that potential customers can see it.

For the uninitiated in SEO website promotion, this issue becomes particularly relevant at the stage of publishing the site.

Site publishing is not equal to indexing. Site indexing is a complex of work of a special search engine robot, due to which the site is shown in a search.

Search engine robots constantly crawl the pages of all sites and load data about them into their database.


What do robots take into account in this traversal?


·        External and internal links

·        All links that are located in the Sitemap file (site map)

·        Analytics data, if the settings do not prohibit their indexing

·        How much does a site page weigh


If you think that after checking the new site, the robot will not return, then you are mistaken, the site is being indexed all the time. Tracked new content, new links, except for the fact that it is forbidden to index.

The new site is indexed very quickly in Google and slightly slower in Yandex. In order for Yandex to see the site, you need to add a link to the site in the Yandex service. Webmaster. And then, following the simple instructions to add a site to search.


How to understand whether pages of your site are indexed or not?

There are two ways in Yandex:

1. In the search type the following: "url: site address *"

2. Learn about indexing in the statistics of the Yandex service. Webmaster.


Not all pages on the site appear in the search

Even having done all the above actions, it’s not a fact that all pages of the site will be searched. The fact is that the robot checks each page with the help of a specially created algorithm. The algorithm is constantly updated and there are new versions of it with tricky names. For example, one of the latest algorithms of Yandex is called “Andromeda”, and in Google “Panda”.

In spite of the different names, all the algorithms are united by one thing - they check that the content of the site page matches the request of users.

The page that goes into search today may disappear from there tomorrow, which is why SEO optimization is necessary, with constant tracking of search results and content optimization for new search engine algorithms.

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