SEO and SMM are friends of families! Social networks and ranking in search results


Using external links as a ranking factor was a big step forward for search engines. But over time, for several reasons, links have lost some of their value. Some sites skimp on links. Others block links to help fight spam. In addition, links are bought and sold, making them less reliable.

Log in to social networks. If external links allowed people to vote for sites by clicking on them, then sharing information on sites in social networks is a way to continue such a vote. Social cues become potential ranking factors as search engines determine how to use our social interaction and behavior.

Recall that Google has repeatedly stated that it does not use the main social networks Facebook and Twitter as a means to rank pages. However, the generally accepted opinion of many SEO specialists — and our own opinion — is that the social factor is important as an indirect factor.

Content that becomes public may, in turn, collect links or attract attention, which is a direct ranking factor. As a result, attention to social networks is important for SEO success.

Reputation in social networks

Just as the search engines do not consider all links the same, they do not consider all accounts in social networks the same. This makes sense, since anyone can create a new account on the social network. What prevents someone from creating 100 different accounts to create false activity around a website?

In fact, nothing but the fact that such fake accounts are often easy to detect. They can have only a few “quality” friends in their network, and only a few of them can transmit the materials they share.

Naturally, you want to get links from social accounts with a good reputation. Having your own social presence, which is well appreciated, is very important. So participate in the relevant social platforms in a real, authentic way, just like on your website. Be the face of your company online and people will understand and appreciate it. Any of your activity will be counted as a plus to your site.

Promotion in social networks

As in the case of links, receiving responses to various promotions in social networks will be useful for your site. After all, more and more people see your website or brand.

Being represented on social networks Vkontakte, Twitter, Facebook is very important. But besides the usual business card, try to communicate with your subscribers, which will help you in further sharing your links.


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