Personal brand. Need to start now!


We have already written about why a personal brand is needed and about identity, which undoubtedly participates in the formation of a personal brand.

Today we will tell you more about what a personal brand gives to not only business owners, but also freelancers, hired employees, housewives. How can you make money on a personal brand?

Increase the cost of the product

All parse examples! Imagine you are a first-class vocalist who began his solo career with singing in small restaurants. Years go by and you are already invited to the luxury restaurants of the city. This is a success! But how many such successful vocalists who earn no less than yours? And how do you actually differ from them? Perhaps you have, indeed, some special ability that professionals can notice and appreciate, but your clients do not notice it. And all because you have not “pumped” your personal brand. And it is based on recognizable "chips", including identity and active networking.

Popularity makes it possible to increase your check, even if you are seriously engaged in the production of sofas. Your personal “pumped” brand will “ennoble” any business and make it a premium one.

Increase the number of customers

First you, then business. Did you notice when someone recommends something interesting to you and thousands of other subscribers in social networks, you are more likely to lean toward buying a product, as a well-known personality guarantees its quality. Thus, the number of clients of seemingly identical firms producing the same product may vary, because the owner of one of them has his own personal brand.

Saving on HR managers

Agree, a well-known personality, which is open to this world on social networks, can easily find any employee with one click. And in this case it is not at all necessary to disclose all the cards. Properly built personal brand allows you to keep your privacy a secret and publicity will work exclusively for the business of the owner of a personal brand.

Saving on advertising resources

Online advertising costs money. Long gone are the days when it was enough to write one ad and there appeared buyers and customers. But for the owners of a personal brand, this opportunity still exists!

Raise your salary

If you do not have your own business and are working in hiring, then a personal brand will allow you to claim a higher salary due to the fact that a wide circle of employers knows about you and your outstanding skills.

Cross PR and Barter

Having pumped a personal brand, its owner can count on the attention of various companies that want to pay for advertising their services with barter. This is common, for example, among travelers. Overnight at the hotel for a photo in Instagram profile with recommendations!

Monetize Expertise

Your expert assessment can be especially valuable, even if there is a person who knows more in your area. But you have a developed personal brand, which means that most likely you will be invited to an interview in the media, to a TEDx conference or to a forum, as a paid speaker.

Not limited to one business

Not all people are determined to run one business for life. A person gets new insights every day and maybe one day he will decide to change the type of activity. A new business from scratch is always difficult, but if your personal brand is helpful, then starting new businesses will be much easier.

Today, a personal brand is spoken everywhere, this is a new milestone in marketing, and it is necessary to start building it now.

Personal brand starts with an identity. Futureinapps designers and marketers will develop a personal identity for you.

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