Personal brand. What is a businessman for?


On the need for a brand in the business issues usually does not arise. Almost every medium company in the country has its own brand. But why should a businessman whose company already has a “corporate image”, that is, a brand, need a personal brand?

Identity of personality - part of the brand

First of all, we will talk about identity - the visual component of the brand. It all starts with the development of a logo, which reflects the philosophical, ideological, ideological concepts that are close to the carrier of the brand, in our case the businessman.

Designers, while developing their identity, take into account the character of a businessman, his life position and goals.

All lines, fonts, colors in the logo are “speaking”.

Recently, our designers have developed the logo of the CEO of Futureinapps IT company Ayrat Galiullin.

The letter "A" in the logo - the first letter of the name of a businessman. It has both round geometric shapes with rounded corners, which in psychogeometry convey ideas of unity and care, as well as sharp corners, which are associated with strength and tranquility. The straight vertical line is masculinity and ambition.

Colors. White color on a black background and dark gray on white, in another version of the logo, complete the complex and attractive image of a successful head of an IT company.