Online advertising for local businesses


Small business owners whose target audience - people nearby are often wondering what online advertising opportunities will allow them to isolate their potential customers from the whole mass of audience.

The answer to this question was hyperlocation.

You may already be familiar with the term “geo-targeting” when you have the opportunity to target your ads to a specific locality. However, for the owner of a barber shop located in a specific area of ​​a large metropolis, targeting the entire city will be expensive. It is unlikely that people will go to cut hair at the other end of the city. It is much easier to find something nearby.

In Google, they came up with a hyper-location tool, which subsequently appeared in Yandex. He works in YAN and CCM.

What does this hyper-location tool do?

And it gives the opportunity to target areas ranging from 500 meters (in the case of Yandex) and 1 km (in the case of Google) to 10 km.

Who is targeting:

  • On the people who are regularly in places of targeting.
  • On the people who are there at the moment.
  • For people who were in this zone at a certain time and period.

Who will use the Hyperlocation tool?

As mentioned above, the tool is suitable for companies whose clients regularly come to the area where the company is located. It could be a hairdresser, a café for employees in the business center, a flower shop that is “always close by”, even a fitness center near the house - it’s convenient!

Advantages of hyperlocal targeting

  • Target your target audience.
  • Ability to cut off untargeted traffic.
  • Wide segmentation settings.
  • Ability to combine targeting by geo and other types of targeting.
  • You can specify in the ad text specific objects that are next to the person who sees the ad. This usually increases conversion. For example, “Next to the Central Department Store? That way".

Cons of hyperlocal targeting

Yes, there are also disadvantages. The main thing is that Google, for example, takes into account only the IP addresses that are in the target zone, which cuts off all who are looking for you, being in a different region.

Anyway, the Hyperlocation tool is a demanded tool that is obligatory for use in contextual advertising for companies with a specific offline-binding.

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