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Budget tours, harvesting for the winter, car service - using a mobile application. The Medinsky Minister Medinsky's application is only available on the Apple store. "Banking" applications can steal your money. Read the news of the mobile application market!

"Do not stay at home" - a mobile application for domestic tourism is being developed

Budget travel with the help of mobile applications! Who said that travel is abroad? In the Perm region, the mobile application "Do not stay at home" is being developed. Even on weekends, you can travel in such a way that the newsletter subscribers will envy you.

The project "Do not stay at home" is aimed at domestic tourism. You can not even imagine how many amazing and beautiful places with their legends are nearby. Create weekend tours of these places - the goal of this mobile application. Currently, the project activists are developing routes.

Payment on "Services" through Apple Pay

The "Services" application introduced payment with the help of Apple Pay. Now there will be no need to enter your bank card data into the "State Service" for iPhone owners. Simply select the Apple Pay payment form and confirm it with a fingerprint or one-time code.

Choose an auto service through the application!

Finding services for repairing cars for some is a real headache. In the course are the advice of friends, reviews collected from different sites on the Internet and, in the end - the decision to go to the nearest car service center.

The mobile application of the network of gas stations Gazpromneft is going to solve this problem. The company announced the exit of the platform - the exchange of car-care centers, where interested persons can leave their applications, which will receive responses with the most favorable conditions for the customer repair.

Application for housewives of the 21st century

Autumn is the time of harvesting for the winter. Modern housewives do not write down words of mothers and grandmothers, how to pickle vegetables, but they look for this information on the Internet. A convenient mobile solution for them was the mobile application "Blanks for the winter", where, in addition to recipes, there are reviews and step-by-step instruction with pictures.

The advantage of the application is that you can use it without connecting to the Internet.

Medinsky chooses Apple store

Did you know that the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky has his own mobile application? It turns out that already 7 years! It is called "Medina". In it you can download all books of authorship of the minister, as well as read the latest news about him.

By the way, the application is available only for iPhones owners.

Be careful when downloading a mobile banking application!

In June 2018, the Google Play Market detected viral mobile applications that offered banking products - currency exchange, transfers, etc. The purpose was to collect bank card data with further posting of funds.

Applications downloaded over a thousand people.

We recommend that you always check the applications in which you are supposed to enter any data, financial. Download the application on the link located on the official website of the banking institution. And check your phone for viruses.

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